The Real Michele Bachmann Defined

   Michelle Bachmann at age 16 attended a prayer meeting in her cheerleading uniform.  Ms. Bachmann stated that she was not a serious sinner but asked God to “cleanse me and change me and turn me into His likeness.” 

   Ms. Bachmann enrolled in Minnesota’s Winona State University where she met her future husband, Marcus, at a campus Christian prayer meeting.  Michelle and Marcus ventured into politics and volunteered to work for the election of Jimmy Carter in his 1976, presidential election. 

   Ms. Bachmann decided that she should switch to the Republican Party after reading Gore Vidal’s novel, BURR.  Bachmann has a view of the world,  driven by her religious beliefs, that current events are helping usher in the apocalypse.  She stated in 2006: “We are in the last days… The harvest is at hand.” 

   Ms. Bachmann enrolled in law school at the conservative Christian Oral Roberts University where Bachmann stated that: ” they taught the law from a Biblical Worldview.” 

   In 1993, after giving birth to the fourth of her five children, Bachmann resigned her job working for the IRS.  Bachmann and her husband began to minister to women on the sidewalks preaching against abortion mainly outside of abortion clinics. 

   Ms. Bachmann strongly believes in creationism and opposes the theory of evolution.  She also believes that globalism is a tool of the devil.  This view was popularized by the best selling novels in the LEFT BEHIND series where the Antichrist comes to power here on earth.  Ms. Bachmann seems to be strongly motivated by the Christian Coalition and the founder, Ralph Reed.  Mr. Reed wants to control school boards so that the Coalition can decide what is taught in our public schools. 

   Bachmann supports legislation that defines marrage as a contract between one man and one woman.  She supports “curing” homosexuality through prayer. 

   Like many republican candidates, Ms. Bachmann is vague in how she would improve the U.S. economy.  However, she is clearly opposed to any tax increases. can not support any candidate that would use any religious text as the sole basis for decision making while president of the U.S.  Ms. Bachmann is an individual who wishes to change our constitutional republic into a theocracy. 

                                                      R. Van Conoley

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