Who Read Sanityandsense In August, 2011?

   The number of readers of sanityandsense continued to increase in the month of August/2011. The explosive exponential growth which has lasted for almost a year has given way to a more modest form of growth defined as linear growth.  ( Once a mathematician, always a mathematician seeking to quantify significant variables. ) 

   On this web site’s home page, on the right hand side, are sections titled: Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, and Categories.  If you wish to read an article that was published on January 10, 2011,  simply click on Jan/2011, under the archives section and then scroll to the article.  This is an easy and quick way to locate an article and is well known to the 30 years and under crowd.  Sanityandsense appears to have a plethora of 50+ year old readers.

   The five most widely read articles for the month of August, 2011, were: 1) Ralph Nader for President, ( Published July/18/2011); 2) The World’s Greatest Herpetologist, ( Published January/10/11); 3) The Broward County Public Schools Cesspool, ( Published June/29/11); 4) The U.S. Mexican Border, ( Published August/20/11); and 5) The Vatican and Their Nazi Friends, ( Published  March 24/11). 

   Readers visited this website from 26 countries throughout the world.  The countries that spent the most time reading the articles were: 1) Canada, 2) Indonesia, 3) Slovenia, 4) Bhutan, and 5) U.S. 

   Readers visited this website from 38 states in August.  The top five states listed by the total number of readers were: 1) Florida, 2) California, 3) New York, 4) Texas, and 5) Georgia. 

   The top five cities throughout the world in total readership were: 1) DeBary, Florida; 2) Los Angeles, California; 3) New York, NY; 4) Cour d Alene, Idaho and 5) Pelotas, Brazil. 

   The total number of new user registrations increased by more than 100% in August, 2011. 

                                           R. Van Conoley

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