Influenza Vaccine and Thiomersal

   On Monday, I received a phone call from Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Orange City, Florida.  Sheryl informed me that the pharmacy had some influenza vaccine available WITHOUT  thiomersal.

   I went over to Walgreen’s pharmacy and I got my yearly flu shot using the thiomersal ( Mercury ) free vaccine.  I fear the flu and the toxic preservative called thiomersal.  PLEASE THANK WALGREEN’S PHARMACY FOR OFFERING THE MERCURY FREE VACCINE UPON REQUEST. 

   Thiomersal is an organic-Mercury compound that is both an antiseptic and an antifungal agent.  Eli Lilly Company gave thiomersal the trade name Merthiolate and the compound is used in vaccines, immunoglobulin preps, skin test antigens, OPTHALMIC  SOLUTIONS,  and antivenins. 

   A biochemist would state that thiomersal features Mercury ( II ) with a coordination number of 2.  Hence, two ligands are attached to the Mercury atom meaning the thiolate group and the ethyl group.  The carboxylate group is not coordinate, but confers solubility in water. 

   Unfortunately, the above paragraph is the way chemists and biochemists write. writes in clear English.  In clear English,  the thiomersal compound is a POISON.  It can seriously damage the human Central Nervous System ( CNS ).  In the human body thiomersal is metabolized into ETHYL MERCURY and thiosalicylate. 

   Thiomersal is SLOWLY being phased out as a vaccine preservative in the U.S. and Western Europe. believes that this molecule should have been totally banned 20 years ago.  Once again our incompetent federal government has  failed to protect the American people.  I suppose that the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, did not wish to offend the pharmaceutical lobbyists by banning a known human toxin.  ( Note:  Big-Pharma has the most lobbyists in Washington, D.C., even exceeding the Petroleum lobby, the insurance lobby, and the Wall Street Crooks.) recommends that all individuals over the age of 21 years take the flu vaccine after checking with your doctor, BUT BE SURE TO DEMAND THE MERCURY FREE VACCINE. recommends that if your doctor tells you that the Thiomersal preservative vaccine is not a problem, FIND A DIFFERENT DOCTOR. 

                                                              R. Van Conoley

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