Part 6 : Facts and More Facts

   If marijuana were legal in the U.S., our government could save $ 8 billion each year in enforcement costs.  Also,  it is estimated that it would bring in about $ 8 billion in tax revenues each year.  ********************************************************

   Marijuana is the leading cash crop in the U.S., worth more than the annual corn and wheat crops combined.  ***************************************************

   Strawberry yogurt and grapefruit juice are just two examples of foods that use ground up female cochineal beetles as red food coloring.  **********************

   Deer are the most dangerous animals in America.  In 2007,  223 people were killed when their cars struck a deer.  In that same year only one person was killed in a shark attack.  ************************************************************

   A trained sniper, using a .50 caliber rifle can kill someone from a mile and a half away.  ************************************************************************

   The worst flood in history killed an estimated 3.7 million people in 1931, when China’s Huang He River flooded.   *****************************************

   The deadliest earthquake in recorded history killed 830,000 people in China in 1556.   ***********************************************************************

   Within three days after death,  the enzymes in the stomach begin to digest the human body.     **************************************************************

   Each year, 827,000 gallons of embalming fluids are burried in the ground in the U.S.   ************************************************************************

   November 8th is the Day of the Skulls in Bolivia.  Family members dress up the skulls of their dead relatives and carry them to churches where they are blessed.   *************************************************************************

                                                    R. Van Conoley

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