The Republican Presidential Debate on Nov/9/2011

   I watched the Republican Presidential debate of November 9, 2011.  Then I watched the entire debate again because I could not believe what I heard the first time.  With the debate over little more than three hours ago, there are already 19,400 comments posted about this debate.  I read a sample of twenty.  About 90% of the comments were one line soundbites like: 1) ” Perry is finished”,  2) ” Ron Paul won”,  and 3) ” Mr. Cain is telling the truth.” believes that the debate deserves more analysis.  The most important message that discovered in this debate is that not a single candidate displayed a clear understanding of international finance and international economics. also noticed that seven of the eight candidates blamed China for economic problems that were created by the Congressional crooks and President Bush (43) and President Obama.  It is sad that seven of the eight candidates display the same lack of knowledge about China as the incompetent Barack Obama.

   The loser in this debate was clearly the American People.  What possible good would it do for America to replace a know-nothing liberal with a know-nothing conservative?

                                            R. Van Conoley

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