Calling On Law Abiding Americans of All Religious Faiths

   Are you a Christian if you say you are?  Are you a Christian if you give money to a Christian Church?  Are you a Christian if you pray to Jesus Christ? believes that no individual can claim to be a Christian unless he or she attempts to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  One of the most fundamental teachings of Jesus was to protect children from serious harm. 

   The Roman Catholic Church has violated this basic Christian directive again and again and again.  Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, has stated that ” the Devil is at work in the Vatican.”  Father Amorth believes that the rampant sexual abuse of children by pedophile priests is proof of his statement. 

   The Catholic Church is a worldwide criminal organization.  Sexual abuse of children by Catholic pedophile priests has occurred in Canada, Ireland, the U.S., the United Kingdom, Mexico, Belgium, France, and Germany.

   As Americans, we have no control of the Catholic Church in other countries.  We, as Americans, have total control of what we allow as ” religious institutions ” under our system of laws directed by our Constitution.  Religious institutions in the U.S. are almost totally exempt from most forms of taxation.  A false organization that calls itself a religious institution, solely to avoid taxation, will quickly find that the federal government will not allow this. 

   It is the opinion of that the Constitutional right to religious freedom does not extend to ANY RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION THAT VIOLATES U.S. LAW OR IS INVOLVED IN CRIMINAL ACTS.  Since the Catholic Church of the U.S. has displayed a disregard for American Law by covering up the actions of pedophile priests, it is incumbent for the federal government to act. believes that federal authorities should: 1) Immediately remove the tax exempt status of the Catholic Church of the U.S., and 2) Prosecute the Catholic Church in federal court under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act known as RICO. 

   A country that fails to protect innocent children from psychopathic sexual predators is a country that is morally bankrupt and will eventually destroy itself. America is a far better country than that. 

                                  R. Van Conoley

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