Facts and Opinions About the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Bureaucracy

   The U.S. Department of Education has the acronym of ED since the Department of Energy had already acquired the acronym of DOE.  The Department of Education is a Cabinet-level department created by congress under public law 96-88.  President Jimmy Carter signed this legislation into law in 1979.  The Department began operations in 1980. 

   When the Department of Education began operations, the “old” Department of Health, Education, and Welfare was restructured into the Department of Health and Human Services.

   The stated purposes for the existence of the Department of Education are to: 1) Establish policy, 2) Administer and coordinate federal monies to education, 3) Collect data on U.S. schools, and 4) Enforce federal education laws.

   The Republican Party, and all candidates seeking the republican nomination for president have stated that they will abolish the Department.  The Democrat Party defends the Department.

   Sanityandsense.com believes that both the republican right and the democrat left are both wrong in their approach to the U.S. Department of Education.  In 2011, this department had a discretionary budget of $ 69.9 Billion.  While this sounds like a lot of money, it is by wasteful Washington standards only “pocket change” when compared to other departments.

   After studying the Department, sanityandsense.com finds that the department is characterised by fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, generalized incompetency, and political cronyism.  In summary, this means that this department is mismanaged exactly like the rest of the federal government.

   Sanityandsense.com can not defend the bureaucratic incompetency of this department and believes that the budget of this department should be reduced by about 70%.  However, it would be an extremely stupid act to abolish this department. This department needs to be restructured, modernized, and the bureaucracy needs to be reduced. 

   The one thing that this department does very well is to collect and disseminate accurate information about academic achievement of U.S. students.  U.S. students are functionally illiterate in science and mathematics and are near the bottom in all academic areas tested.  This information is essential to the economic survival and to the national security interests of the U.S. 

   There are three areas where taxpayer dollars are being wasted in a mindless bureaucracy of incompetence.  These areas and departments are: 1) Department of Education, 2) Department of Defense, and 3) The Federal Reserve System.  The incompetency and waste in the Department of Education can not be excused.  However, the Department of Education is only about 1% of the problem.  The Department of Defense and the Federal Reserve System account for about 99% of the waste.  It would not be a sane or sensible idea to abolish any of these three organizations.  However, common sense modernization and reduction of wasteful bureaucracy are needed in all three.  Unfortunately, the Democrat Crooks and the Republican Crooks are so busy playing politics that there is absolutely no chance of meaningful reform under a Republican President or a Democrat President.  The total failure of the  Super Committee clearly indicates that Congress is full of Super Crooks who believe that the American People are Super stupid and Super patient.  Sanityandsense knows that the American People are not stupid and finally will understand that only an independent presidential candidate can deal with both the Democrat Crooks and the Republican Crooks.  The American People are Super tired of the Super corruption displayed by the two established parties of failure and fraud.

                                       R. Van Conoley

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