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   The following five countries spent the most on military weapons in 2010.  The U.S. was in first place with a total expenditure of $ 698 Billion.  China came in a very distant second place with spending of $ 119 Billion.  Britain was third, spending  $ 59.6 Billion.  France was fourth, spending  $ 59,3 Billion.  Russia was fifth, spending $ 58.7 Billion.

   These top five countries spent a total of $ 994.6 Billion on weapons in 2010.  To help our readers better understand the magnitude of wasteful defense spending in America, has converted the total of $ 994.6 Billion spent into a percentage.  The U.S. spent 70.2% of the total.  China spent 12% of the total.  Britain, France, and Russia each spent about 6% of the total of $ 994.6 Billion. 

   The common sense question that needs to be asked is: Why does the U.S. spend so much money on weapons and weapons systems? To fairly and accurately answer that question, must present one more set of facts. 

   The U.S. is home to most of the world’s largest manufacturing companies of weapons and weapons systems.  The following list contains the names of seven large multinational corporations that make weapons.  The yearly sales of weapons by each corporation follows the name of the corporation.  The data is for the year 2009.  The corporations are: 1) Lockeed Martin = $ 33.43 Billion of sales;  2) Boeing = $ $ 32.3 Billion of sales;  3) Northrop Gruman = $ 27 Billion of sales;  4) General Dynamics =      $ 25.59 Billion of sales;  5) Raytheon = $ 23.8 Billion of sales;  6) L-3 Communications = $ 13.1 Billion of sales;  and 7) United Technologies = $ 11.11 Billion of sales.  Now most of these corporations sell their weapons systems to the government of the United States.  This means that the U.S. Government uses taxpayer money to pay for these weapons systems.  The U.S. Government also borrows money to pay for these weapons systems and that is one of the main reasons why the U.S. Government has a National Debt of    $ 15 TRILLION. 

   The question that must be asked is: Is this a fair and just amount to pay for the defense of the United States? believes that this is an excessive amount of taxpayer money to pay for many un-needed and un-necessary weapons systems.  If the defense budget of the U.S. were reduced by 50%, the U.S. would still be the largest spender in the world on weapons and weapons systems. 

   So now must answer the following question: WHY DO OUR PRESIDENTS AND OUR CONGRESS SPEND MONEY THAT IS UN-NEEDED AND EXCESSIVE ON WEAPONS SYSTEMS?  That question is the easiest one of all to answer.  The above listed corporations have an “army” of highly paid lobbyists who send one and only one message to congress and the president.  The lobbyists message is simple: SPEND MORE AND MORE MONEY ON WEAPONS AND WEAPONS SYSTEMS OR WE WILL NOT FUND YOUR CONGRESSIONAL OR PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN THROUGH OUR GENOROUS CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS AND HUNDREDS OF OUR PAC’s!!!

   The message gets through and the President and Congress spend excessive amounts of money on weapons in return for support of their campaigns.  President Barack Obama is one of the biggest spenders on weapons and weapons systems.  Where on earth do you expect Mr. Obama to get the expected one BILLION dollars to fund his 2012 campaign?  The mom and pop $5 and $10 contributions make up so little of the campaign war chest that it is laughable.  The Republican Presidential candidates know this and most of the Republican candidates are falling over one another to tell the military industrial complex that they will spend even more wasteful money on un-needed weapons systems.  Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Willard Mitt Romney have done everything possible to kiss the a** of the Military Industrial Complex to help insure that their campaign war chests are filled with defense contractor money just like Mr. Obama’s war chest.  Ron Paul, and Ron Paul ALONE, is the only candidate that has refused to kiss the a** of the defense lobby.  Not only has Dr. Paul refused to “suck up” to the defense lobby, but he has promised defense cuts in the budget. 

   Now the question that must be asked is: Can Ron Paul run a viable campaign against Barack Obama without funding from the Military Industrial Complex? believes that Dr. Paul can defeat Barack Obama only if the news media stops talking about Bill Clinton’s penis and Herman Cain’s girlfriends and focuses on real facts that allow the American People to make highly informed judgements.  Unfortunately, the media is interested in ratings and is not motivated to present a fact based information system to the American People.  It is somewhat like the last TV commentator who stated that Rick Perry “won” the last debate because he mentioned Tim Tebo. 

                                            R. Van Conoley

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