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   All information contained in this article was obtained from Google. Analytics which supplies statistical information to websites without charging a fee. enjoyed a record breaking year in 2011.

   The top five articles for 2011 were: 1) Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder, 2) The World’s Greatest Herpetologist, 3) The Vatican and Their Nazi Friends, 4) President Bill Clinton’s Penis, and 5) Stealing Your Social Security.  To read or re-read any of these articles simply type the title into the “information box” on the home page and click go.

   Pageviews increased by + 2,421.5 % in 2011.  Visitors ( readers ) came from 88 countries during 2011.  The top five countries in readership were: 1) U.S., 2) United Kingdom, 3) Brazil, 4) Canada, and 5) India.  The United Kingdom had a growth rate of + 6,500 % in 2011.  The U.S. had a growth rate of + 2,744 % in 2011.  Canada had a growth rate of + 1,850 % in 2011.  Growth rate means the growth of readers for this site from the named country. experienced growth from all fifty states in the U.S.  The top five states in readership were: 1) Florida, 2) New York, 3) California, 4) Georgia, and 5) Texas.  Florida readers came from 108 cities.  New York readers came from 38 cities.  California readers came from 77 cities.  Georgia readers came from 27 cities.  Texas readers came from 32 cities.  Alaska was in last place, but the readership increased even here during 2011. 

   A word of caution is in order since attempts to publish only truthful and accurate data.  I have been told by computer engineers that “computer generated software programs” often register with a website in hopes of posting an article that leads readers to another website in order to sell a product or to advertise for a product or service.  With new registrations for this website averaging more than one hundred a day, it is possible that as many as 30% may be initiated from computer generated software programs rather than real people.  Still, the growth in 2011 was outstanding. 

   Hopefully 2012, will bring some good economic news that Sanityandsense can publish.  Happy New Year to all of our readers and may God bless you and your family in 2012!

                                               R. Van Conoley

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