The Florida Laughislature In Georgiahassee – 2012

   Now that the New Year has started, the Democrat crooks and the Republican crooks must return to Georgiahassee to convene a new session of the Florida Laughislature.  The first order of business by the Laughislature will be to reward the political action committees ( PAC’s) and assorted special interest groups with large amounts of your tax dollars.  This is the Laughislature’s way of thanking the PAC’s for funding their campaigns. 

   The second order of business by the Laughislature will be to redistrict and redraw the boundaries for the state House and the state Senate.  This is a Constitutional requirement in the Florida Constitution and is performed every ten years after the Federal Census.  Many people do not understand this process, so is glad to help.  When the Republican crooks are in the majority, the Laughislature redraws the boundaries to help elect more Republican crooks.  When the Democrat crooks are in the majority, the Laughislature redraws the boundaries to help elect more Democrat crooks. 

   Some really crooked crooks in the Laughislature, who are really very well connected to many high powered PAC’s, sometimes help other crooks in the other crooked party collect PAC contributions.  This is known in the Laughislature as ” spreading the pork.” 

   The ” super-super-PAC crooks”  always receive a district that suits their every need.  Next the majority party helps their crooks.  Then the minority party helps their crooks.  Finally, the Laughislature turns their everlasting wrath upon the few individuals who support open, honest, and clean government.  Individuals who support open, honest, and clean government are known as “troublemakers” to the rest of the crooks.  These troublemakers are gerrymandered into districts that may stretch across four or five counties.  This helps insure that the Laughislature will not have individuals inside the government who support honest government. 

   Now after the Laughislature conducts its business, several of the biggest PAC’s invite their favorite crooks to an “end of session” party.  The news media is never invited to this type of party because the PAC’s supply many extremely attractive young ladies who are hoping for employment as a legislative aide.  Rumor has it that ladies who are successful in obtaining jobs as legislative aides are individuals who are not fearful of an extensive legislative probe.  The organizer of this extremely fun event has been given the nickname of   ” Charlie Viagra.” 

   Charlie Viagra’s favorite saying is: ” Democracy in action is a wonderful thing.”

                                       R. Van Conoley

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