Mitt Romney and Brad Birkenfeld: How The U.S. Government Protects Billionaires and Jails An Honest Man

   Mitt Romney, a candidate for the Republican Nomination, recently revealed that he pays about a 15% tax yearly to the IRS.  This small amount is far less than the tax paid by many working-middle income Americans.  Romney has a fortune that is estimated to exceed $ 250 Million.  Romney is believed to have many millions of dollars in offshore tax shelters. 

   ABC News recently reported that Romney may have as much as $ 33 Million in Cayman Island Bank Accounts.  These accounts are “sheltered” from U.S. Taxation and is believed to be the reason that Romney has not released his tax returns.  Much of Romney’s fortune is invested in multiple funds linked to Bain Capital, LLC.  Bain is estimated to own and operate 138 secret offshore funds in the Cayman Islands and takes advantage of “tax shelters” only available to the richest Americans. 

   Based on information obtained through the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bain Capital, LLC has holdings in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Hong Kong, and Ireland.  It remains unclear if Romney has assets in Swiss Bank Accounts that were used to evade U.S. Tax Laws. 

   Brad Birkenfeld is an American Banker who was employed by UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank.  Birkenfeld began working for UBS in October, 2001.  He resigned from UBS in October, 2005.  He provided whistle-blower complaints to the lead attorney for UBS showing that U.S. Citizens were using UBS to hide assets from legal taxation in the U.S.  When his information was ignored in Switzerland, Birkenfeld traveled to the U.S. and REGISTERED as an IRS whistle-blower. 

   Over A THREE YEAR PERIOD, BIRKENFELD VOLUNTARILY PROVIDED DETAILED INFORMATION TO: 1) The U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 2) The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and 3) The U.S. Senate. 

   Today, Brad Birkenfeld is in a U.S. jail while more than 4,450 Tax Cheating U.S. Citizens remain free.  Switzerland absolutely confirmed the names of 4,450 U.S. Tax Cheating citizens.  Birkenfeld claims that he provided OVER 19,000 names to the IRS and Treasury Department. is outraged that a law abiding U.S. Citizen was jailed to protect U.S. Tax Cheats. additionally believes, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this reprehensible miscarriage of justice was committed by the Federal Government to protect BILLIONAIRE FINANCIAL DONORS THAT CONTRIBUTE HEAVILY TO BOTH THE DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES! additionally believes that the name of one Republican Presidential candidate was on Birkenfeld’s list. urges  each of our American readers to send a copy of this article to EACH of their U.S. Senators and to their Representative in the U.S. House.  This is a very serious act by the Federal Government committed against all law abiding U.S. Citizens.  If you allow the government crooks to get away with this, soon you will be in jail whenever you demand your Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and justice.  God save America and our Constitutional value of liberty!

                                        R. Van Conoley

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