My Friend Jeb Bush ?

   Many people have forgotten that Jeb Bush ran for governor three times.  He lost a close race the first time to Governor Lawton Chiles.  Jeb easily won the next two elections and served as governor of Florida for eight years.

   I knew Jeb back in the 1980’s before he sought any political office.  We both lived in Dade County at the time.  Jeb and I were not close friends, but we were ” political friends ” and I found Jeb to be a very like-able individual. 

   After Jeb lost the first race for governor of Florida, the Bush Machine began the preparations needed for another try.  Jeb started a Charter School in one of the poorest sections of Dade County.  Jeb, and the Republican Party in general, pushed the belief that Charter Schools were the answer for the many problems in public education.  At the time the Bush Machine was grinding into high gear, I was a teacher of mathematics in the public school system.  I was able to see firsthand the many problems that existed in public education every day.  The Bush Machine recruited me into their campaign and my picture appeared on a ” slick” magazine/booklet designed to promote Jeb Bush.  As a supporter, I became a small part of an organization known as ” The Foundation for Florida’s Future.” 

   As a public school teacher, I deeply wanted to believe that the Charter School concept would greatly improve public education.  Jeb was elected the second time he ran for governor and then he was re=elected.  He served eight years as governor.

   The day Jeb was sworn in as governor, public education was a mess in Florida.  Eight years later when Jeb left office,  public education in Florida was still a mess.  Public education still, in my view, remains a serious problem all across the United States today.  I have not seen any common sense ideas from either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.  That is one of many reasons why I am registered as an independent voter today.

   Due to my past friendship with Jeb, I would like to offer him some worthwhile advice.  Watch my lips Jeb.  Do not accept the vp nomination if Mr. Romney should offer it. 

   Here are some cogent reasons why I believe that Jeb should eschew the vp nomination.  REASON # 1)  Mr. Romney is in extreme need of the women’s vote.  The republican primaries have seriously alienated women voters. Mr. Obama has such a lead in this area that it behooves Mr. Romney to seriously consider appointing a sensible woman as his vp candidate.  REASON # 2) Your father was CIA Director, Vice President for eight years, and then he was elected president.  That is a lot of political chips for anyone.  Your brother George became president for two terms.  Jeb, the American People are afraid of political dynasties.  The American people were distrustful of both the Kennedy dynasty and then the Clinton dynasty.  The American people are simply not ready for a Bush dynasty and that is the main reason why you should avoid the vp nomination.

    So, what should you do?  Jeb, I would seriously encourage you to obtain your father’s Rolodex and your brother’s Rolodex and then add your own Rolodex and campaign Florida for the Romney ticket.  If Romney wins, you will be a high level appointee, possibly Secretary of State. Also, as you campaign Florida, give me a call when you are in the Central Florida area.  After all, we will always be ” political friends. ” 

                                  R. Van Conoley

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