Barack Hussein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney: A Real Choice !

   Barack Hussein Obama : For more than three years Obama has increased our National Debt.  Presently our total American Debt is more than 360% of our GDP.  Mr. Obama is the Chief Executive of a country that does not have a federal budget as required by law.  Mr. Obama has mismanaged the U.S. economy for the past three years and has followed the same incompetent path as President George W. Bush ( 43 ).  Just like George W. Bush ( 43 ), Mr. Obama has kept American Military forces in a war that was never legally declared by Congress.  Mr. Obama is funded by the special interest groups,  Wall Street Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, and the extremely powerful Military Industrial Complex. 

   Willard Mitt Romney : Mr. Romney has mismanaged the government of the state of Massachusetts.  Mr. Romney has not submitted a budget for the American People to examine although he is a candidate for President.  While governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney implemented a statewide health care system that was almost an exact carbon copy of Obamacare.  Mr.  Romney now states that he opposes Obamacare  after he said that his state plan was modeled on Obamacare.  Mr. Romney has taken both sides on almost every issue and there is absolutely no way for the American People to know where he stands.  Mr. Romney is funded by special interest groups,  Wall Street Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers,  and the extremely powerful Military Industrial Complex. 

   It is a real shame that most Constitutional scholars and  working middle income Americans  believe that the two party system does not offer the American voters a real choice.  After all, it is extremely clear who the winners will be in 2012;  just study who is funding the ” make believe ” campaigns.

                                               R. Van Conoley

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