China – Part 2 advises:

    1) Take a Chinese friend to lunch.  Grow richer.  2) Take a Chinese business friend to lunch.  Grow much richer.  3) Learn to speak basic Chinese to your Chinese business friends.  Grow much, much, much richer.  4)  Learn  how and why Occidentals fail to understand the Oriental mindset.  Subtly convey this information to your Chinese business friends and you will become a god of vast wealth.   5) Encourage Mitt Romney to select Melissa Lee as his Vice Presidential candidate.  The U.S. will grow much richer if Mr. Romney listens to Ms. Lee.  6)  Attempt to develop an understanding of why Asians and Asian Americans make up 40% of the students in mathematics and advanced science  graduate programs at many American Universities.  7)  Selectively purchase BIDU, CEO, and CHL on the U.S. stock exchange and grow richer.  8) Urge your children and grandchildren to study and learn Chinese so they can also grow richer in the 21st. Century.  9) Encourage Asian Americans to seek elected office in America.  Harness 5,000 years of wisdom to help America.  10) Attempt to understand how China, without established democratic ideals, can continue to improve the wealth of their country in an exponential manner. 

                                R. Van Conoley

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