The Dumbest of the Dumbest: How the U.S. Government Lost 12 Billion Dollars In Cash

   In 2004, when George W. Bush was president,  the U.S. military was ordered to transport money to Iraq.  The military loaded 12 BILLION dollars in shrink wrapped hundred dollar bill packages and flew them to Iraq.  This amount of money is so massive that the total weight of the money packs was almost FOUR HUNDRED TONS !

   The planes and the money landed in Iraq.  The money was offloaded and stored in the American military compound.  One high ranking American official stated that the American officials played a “football like” game where they would throw packages of the money to one another.  After playing their football like game the officials would return the money to the pile.  Then a strange thing happened.  The money disappeared and nobody knows where the money went !

   How is it possible that the American People can continue to tolerate this level of incompetency from our own government?  Do the American People really believe that there is any real difference between Romney and Obama?  Is it possible that sane and sensible Americans fail to understand that the U.S. Government was 99% responsible for the 2008-2009 depression?  Can sane and sensible Americans fail to see that the 2013 Depression and Crash is  the creation of the U.S. Government?

                                     R. Van Conoley

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