A Methodist Looks at Mormonism

   Several weeks ago, I read an article about the Mormon Church in a business magazine.  The article focused on the massive net worth of the Mormon Church which was estimated to be around $ 40 Billion.  The article, in my view, was designed to make this church look bad and portrayed the church in a negative light.  I believe that many of the articles that have appeared in the print media recently about the Mormon Church have been written because Mitt Romney is a Mormon. 

   I was brought up in the Methodist Church.  Family legend holds that my great-grandfather on my mother’s side was expelled from the Baptist Church for the sinful act of attending a square dance.  Hence, he told the Methodists that he would mend his sinful ways and became a member of the Methodist Church.  My wife and I were married in the Methodist Church so I still feel connected to their teachings in many ways. 

   When my wife, MaryAnn, and I moved to the Central Florida area I had the opportunity to meet and make new friends.  One of my closest friends, Gene, told me that he had a gift for me.  The gift was a copy of the BOOK OF MORMON and an invitation to attend the Mormon Church.  I read the BOOK OF MORMON and it was an enjoyable read.  However, I had to tell Gene truthfully that I could not accept their religious text as an absolute truth the way Mormons do.  I have a great deal of respect for my friend, Gene, because he is a man of honesty, decency, and displays integrity in all areas of his life.

   I have two other friends who are Mormons.  Like Gene, they are honest, hard-working, and individuals of the highest integrity. 

   While I have not decided whom my presidential choice will be in November, I am certain of one thing.  As a Southerner raised in the Methodist Church, I have absolutely no problems or concerns about an American President being of the Mormon faith.

                                         R. Van Conoley

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