Part 7: Facts and More Facts

Half of the world’s countries have an official language.  The U.S. does not.    ***********************************

India has fifteen official languages.  **********************

Monaco is the most densely populated country.  Mongolia is the least.  ***************************************

In Qatar there are 184  males for every 100 females.  In Estonia there are 119 females for every 100 males.  *******

The countries of the world with the highest birth rates are the Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, and Liberia.  Germany and Singapore have the two lowest birth rates.   *******************************************************

Swaziland has the lowest life expectancy in the world at 31.99 years.     ******************************************

Transparency International ranks Bangladesh and Chad as the two most corrupt countries in the world.  Iceland was the least corrupt.  ********************************

Antarctica is considered a desert.  It only snows a few inches a year there, but the snowpack is up to several thousand feet thick.  ***********************************

There are more than seventy lakes buried thousands of feet beneath the Antarctic glacial ice.  One is as big as Lake Ontario.   ********************************************

The Amazon River carries as much water as the next ten largest rivers combined.  ******************************

There are as many species of fish in the Amazon River as there are in the entire Atlantic Ocean.   *******************

China is the number one rice and wheat growing country in the world.  It also catches the most fish of any country.  ********************************************************

There are more than one thousand languages spoken in Africa.  *******************************************

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, followed by Spanish, and English.  *****************************

One- third of land on earth is desert.  ******************

China and Russia both border on fourteen other countries.   ********************************************************

Only 15% of the Sahara Desert is covered with sand.  The rest is stones,  limestone, and shale.  ********************

                                 R. Van Conoley

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