Whom Do You Trust? Romney or Obama

  Trust is something that is in short supply in the U.S. today.  Do you trust your employer?  Do you trust the U.S. government?  Do you trust your spouse?  Do you trust your children?  Do you trust Romney?  Do you trust Obama? Do you trust the news media?  Do you trust yourself to help select the next president? 

   Since all trust is based on honesty, a dishonest person can not be trusted.  Which of the two major candidates for president is the most trustworthy?  Sanityandsense offers our views.

   Sanityandsense believes that Obama is not honest and therefore not trustworthy.  Obama’s biggest lie implies that if the wealthiest 1% of Americans just paid a little more federal income tax then everything would be wonderful.  The truth is that if congress increased taxes on the top FIVE percent of America’s wealthiest individuals by a staggering 30%,  the increased federal revenues would not be enough to cover the increased interest on our National Debt if t-bill rates rose to 3%.   Obama is a master of lies and deceptions, but the top 1% lie is clearly designed to mislead the American People and create divisions in our society.

   Sanityandsense believes that Romney is not honest and trustworthy.  Romney’s biggest lie implies that he can reduce the National Debt, reduce unemployment, and create a healthy economy without raising taxes.  How can Americans trust Romney when he continues to take differing positions on the same issue?  How can Americans trust a man without a clear plan?

   There is one fact that all Americans can place their faith in and believe.  Our readers can trust Sanityandsense when we tell you that neither of these individuals is qualified to be president. 

                                           R. Van Conoley

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