Volusia Challenges Broward for Most Corrupt County In Florida

   Broward County is really not a county.  It is really an ongoing criminal enterprise disguised as a county.  The Broward County School Board is the main training ground for political crooks.  If a person is slow witted and willing to break the law, they are often elected to the Broward County School Board. 

   Miriam Oliphant was elected to the Broward County School Board where she served her apprenticeship.  Later, Ms. Oliphant sought election to the office of Supervisor of Elections of Broward County and was elected by a stunning 65% of the vote.  The establishment newspaper endorsed Ms. Oliphant and praised her work on the school board.  Unfortunately Ms. Oliphant only served as the Supervisor of Elections from January, 2001, until November, 2003, when Governor Jeb Bush suspended Ms. Oliphant for ” grave neglect, mismanagement, and incompetence.” Oliphant hired an individual who did not even know what a primary election was and placed her in charge of registration and absentee ballots.  The new hire failed to process over 300 absentee ballots.  Oliphant gave the woman a raise in salary for her good work !  The establishment newspaper was very upset and criticized Oliphant and questioned how this could happen. 

   It is extremely well known throughout the state of Florida that Broward County ranks in first place in: 1) fraud, 2) waste, 3) abuse, 4) mismanagement, 5) Nepotism, 6) racism, and 7) generalized governmental incompetency.  With 67 separate counties in Florida, many have marvelled that Broward County has kept its’ title as the most corrupt county for so long.  Broward County has no shame.  A former public school administrator hit and killed an individual with his car and left the scene of the accident.  Today a public school bears the name of the administrator and many of Broward’s finest corrupt politicians pleaded with the court of law not to punish the administrator. 

   It was a known fact that someday another county in Florida would challenge Broward County for its’ first place status as the most corrupt county in Florida.  It appears that the challenging county is Volusia County !

   Volusia County Supervisor of Elections, Ann McFall, has managed to accomplish a feat undreamed of even by Miriam Oliphant.  McFall mailed out 390 absentee ballots to precinct 903 in Edgewater.  When Laura Cloer, a Volusia County resident, received her absentee ballot, she opened the package.  She noticed that none of the candidates in the November 6, 2012, election were listed on her ballot.  She received two copies of page 2 and one copy of page 3. 

   When the Supervisor of Elections was notified of the mistake, she took no responsibility and blamed ABS- Solutions.  ABS-Solutions was an independent vendor hired by the Supervisor of Elections to mail out absentee ballots. 

   Sanityandsense.com believes that if this type of mistake was made in just one precinct, there may be multiple errors in many other precincts throughout Volusia County.  It is clear that McFall does not know the extent of the problem or how to legally fix the problem. 

   If Ms. McFall had an ounce of integrity and an ounce of common sense, she would immediately notify the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and request that this federal agency send a representative to her office now to monitor the activities.  Can’t people just envision a difference of 20 votes between Obama and Romney for the whole state of Florida with over 60,000 absentee ballots in Volusia County in legal question?  Even the crooks in Broward County and Ms. Oliphant could not create a mess like this just before an important election. 

                                            R. Van Conoley

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