Aging, Marijuana, and Human Growth Hormone

   During my life, I have never consumed alcohol, smoked, or used illegal drugs.  Also, I have seriously studied the biochemistry of vitamins, proteins, fats, and many other nutritional compounds.  My studies in biochemistry have continued over a forty year period.  Foolishly, I hoped that my knowledge and healthy lifestyle would inhibit the aging process.  It did not.

   Possibly my nutritional and healthy approach may have slowed some aspects of the aging process.  However,  powerful genetic processes have resulted in a form of spinal arthritis that has become painful in recent years.  Arthritis has existed on my mother’s side of the family for more than four generations. 

   While I was not in the least surprised at my continuing development of arthritis, I am somewhat irritated that I can not decide what to do to treat my own health.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration makes most of that decision for me.  The FDA has approved a number of pain reducing compounds for prescription use.   After studying the biochemistry of these compounds, I decided not to take any of them because of their many toxic side effects.  Many are so toxic, I was amazed that the FDA would allow them to be marketed by pharmaceutical companies.  It was less surprising when I learned that the FDA depend on the pharmaceutical companies for much of their                          ” information.”

   It was even more interesting when I learned that there were a number of very safe molecules ( compounds ) that the FDA prohibits from use.  Human growth hormone, sometimes abbreviated HGH or GH, is a protein hormone produced by the pituitary gland and is a fairly large molecule with 191 amino acids in the molecular chain.  Many scientific studies have shown that this hormone is safe and helpful when used correctly.  There are a number of licensed medical physicians in the U.S. who refer to themselves as anti-aging physicians.  These medical doctors believe that HGH is one compound that slows the aging process and creates wellness.  Unfortunately HGH is illegal to prescribe for any medical condition except dwarfism in children. 

   The senseless banning of HGH is based on two main factors: 1) HGH might be misused by young athletes to enhance athletic performance and 2) HGH might work so well that the many poisonous compounds presently prescribed would have reduced sales and therefore reduced profits for the pharmaceutical companies. 

   Recently Colorado and the state of Washington decided to legalize marijuana in violation of federal law.  Today there are eighteen states that permit the legal use of marijuana.  Yet, there are no scientific studies that prove that marijuana cures any medical problem.  There are valid scientific studies that prove that HGH could be of value when used correctly.  Thyroxine, testosterone, estrogen, insulin, and the corticosteroid compounds are examples of human hormones that are frequently used safely to treat various medical conditions and improve health.  Why does the FDA refuse to allow the responsible use of HGH? 

   It is time for the FDA to stop working for the pharmaceutical industry and start working for the health and welfare of the American People.

                                                     R. Van Conoley

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