The Whipping Boy In America

   A whipping boy was a young boy who was assigned to a young prince and was punished when the prince misbehaved.  Whipping boys were established in the English Court in the 1400’s and the 1500’s.  They were created because of the idea of the divine right of kings, which stated that kings were were appointed by God. 

   The whipping boy in America today is the large class of working-middle income Americans who pay the vast majority of federal taxes used to fund our corrupt federal government.  Both the crooks in congress and our corrupt president are once again using working-middle income Americans as a whipping boy in their political fight to determine which failed political ideology will triumph. 

   The fiscal cliff is an economic crisis created by corrupt democrats and corrupt republicans in an attempt to trick Americans into believing that the other party is responsible for the present economic mess.  Sadly it is a lose-lose situation for all working-middle income Americans.  Both the crooks in congress and our corrupt president know that they possess the divine rights of the special interest groups and are not answerable to the American People. 

                                 R. Van Conoley

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