National Security Agency ( NSA ) Covert Recording of Mossad Leaders Discussing Islam

The following is NSA recording # MED – 270638-ISL.  The two individuals on the recording are both Israeli Mossad Agents.  The agents are General Moshe Allot and Lt. General Yitzak Shavon.  NSA code for General Moshe Allot is (MA) and the code for Lt. General Yitzak Shavon is ( YS ).  The NSA transmission was intercepted by Waterleaks and the transcript was given to 

YS: Shalom Moshe.  May I come in?

MA: So when has my office door ever been closed to you, Yitzak?

YS: Only when you are interviewing prospective women recruits for the Mossad.  So Moshe, what do we have to discuss today?

MA: Lock the office door.  I want to discuss the Reverend John Von Scully with you.

YS: Ha ! I read our folder on this scumbag.  He is a child molester and an alcoholic.  His wife was a prostitute in Las Vegas for twenty years.  Von Scully and his wife now call themselves Christian Ministers. 

MA: Quite true, but Von Scully was never arrested for his pedophilia and his wife worked as a prostitute before Von Scully converted her to Christianity. 

YS: So what do these two wackos have to do with the Mossad?

MA: To be very blunt, I believe that these two individuals can serve the best interests of Israel and the Jewish People.  The John Von Scully Christian Ministries International has a fanatic Christian following in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. 

YS: So Moshe, are you planning to convert?

MA: None of your stupid jokes today Yitzak.  This conversation could effect the billions of American tax dollars given to Israel each year.  No doubt you are aware that there are individuals in the U.S. that are increasingly opposed to American Foreign Aid. 

YS: Yes, of course.  The billions and billions of American tax dollars given to Israel have greatly helped fund our wars against our enemies. 

MA: Exactly.  It would be a great loss to Israel if America reduced or eliminated our foreign aid.  Even though we own a number of U.S. Congressmen, we must maintain the goodwill of the American People while we carry out our Islamic Holocaust. 

YS: I am listening carefully.

MA: So Yitzak, we need to convince Christian Americans to hate the Islamic faith as much as we do.  We need the Von Scully Christian Ministries to tell their followers that the barbaric Arabs and the Iranians will destroy the Christian faith and replace it with Islamic Sharia Law. 

YS: How will we do this?

MA: I am pleased to inform you that both the Reverend John Von Scully and his wife Mary Von Scully have agreed to accept contributions into numbered Swiss Bank Accounts from one of our shell corporations in Belgium.

YS: Is there any chance that the CIA could out this operation?

MA: That is doubtful.  We killed 34 Americans in 1967, when we attacked the USS Liberty.  When that boat did not sink quickly as we had planned, Israel had to come up with the absurd story that it was all a mistake.  The U.S. Government covered for us all the way.  There are individuals in the U.S. Government who are always willing to lie for Israel all the way to the very top. In 1967, President Johnson lied for us even when the NSA had recordings from our pilots stating that they were ready to attack a U.S. ship.   

YS: Sounds good.  How are you able to come up with all of these great ideas?

MA: I just remind myself that we have the absolute right to do to others what Hitler and the Christian Church did to our People.

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