A New Pope Speaks To The World

   As a Protestant, I had great hopes that Pope Benedict XVI would have brought meaningful changes to the Catholic Church.  Unfortunately he did not.

   This website has been highly critical of the methods used by the Catholic Church to hide sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.  The articles may be located on this website by “Googling” either Catholic Church or Catholic Priest on the home page of this website. 

   Two of my three graduate degrees were obtained from a Catholic University where the Dominican Sisters went out of their way to show great kindness to this Irish-American Protestant.  Also, I would like to state that the Catholic Church does many good deeds for Christians and non-Christians every day.  Also, I worked at a Jesuit School as a teacher of mathematics and I have great respect and great admiration for the priests who treated me with kindness.

   Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was selected to become Pope Francis I on March 13, 2013.  I wish the new Pope the very best and sincerely hope that he may bring meaningful changes to the Catholic Church. I never expect to be consulted by Pope Francis, however if I were asked to write a statement for the new Pope to issue it would be as follows:

   ” Greetings to my fellow catholics, my fellow Christians, my friends of other religious beliefs, and my friends without religious beliefs.  I believe that you are all children of God and I shall pray for you every day.

   ” I have been selected to accept the Chair of Peter and I shall implement the following directives in our Church immediately. 

   ” First.  Our Holy Church has seriously been damaged by the sin of child sexual abuse by a small number of priests.  This will no longer be tolerated.  Any priest, or church official, who sexually molests a child will be removed forever from our Church by excommunication.  We accept the fundamental concept that we must protect our children as a basic teaching of Jesus Christ.  Also, all of our Bishops and Cardinals have great responsibility in the supervision of our priests.  Therefore, Bishops and Cardinals will be removed permanently from their position in our church if a priest under their supervision is adjudicated guilty of child sexual abuse by civil authorities in any country.

   ” Second.  Our Church recognizes marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  Our priests, and all other church officials, are now free to marry if they so choose. 

   ” Third.  It is not in the teachings of Jesus Christ to operate a financial institution.  Therefore, all deposits in  the Vatican Bank will be transferred to a commercial bank.  Deposits from individuals in the Vatican Bank who are not affiliated with our Church will be returned before the Church related deposits are transferred to a commercial bank.  This will be accomplished within thirty days.

   ” Fourth. Our Church believes that life begins at conception.  The practice of birth control will not be considered a sin so long as conception has not occurred.

   ” Fifth.  During my Papacy, I will reject the doctrine of infallibility.  Only God is perfect and all mortal humans are capable of errors.

   ” Sixth. A belief in evolution is not inconsistent with the teaching’s of Jesus Christ. 

   ” I ask God’s blessings for all the People of the world.  Thank you. “

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