Monsignor Kevin Wallin and the Continuing Destruction of the Catholic Church

   This website has published a number of articles about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.  Pedophilia has become so widespread throughout the Catholic church that this website suggested that federal prosecutors employ the RICO Act to shut down the Catholic church in the U.S.

   Monsignor Kevin Wallin has extended the ” Catholic priest criminal enterprise” to a new level.  Monsignor Wallin is alleged to have been a cross dresser who frequently had sex in the rectory. is reluctant to discuss criminal accusations before a defendant is allowed to present his defense in open court.

   However, federal prosecutors have charged Wallin with the sale of methamphetamine.  Wallin also is alleged to have purchased an adult novelty shop to launder the money from his drug dealing.  How many times can the Catholic church ask for forgiveness for the criminal actions of their priests?

                                  R. Van Conoley

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