Hang Bush(43) and Obama Together If Guilty

   In law,  treason is a crime that covers extreme acts against one’s nation.  A law dictionary defines treason as: ” … a citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow or seriously injure a parent nation.”  Most nations today consider treason to be any act to overthrow a government, or seriously injure the nation’s citizens even when no foreign government is involved. 

   In English Law, treason was punishable by: 1) being hanged, 2) drawn and quartered, 3) burnt at the stake, and 4) beheaded.  I believe that being drawn and quartered, burnt at the stake, or having your head chopped off are barbaric and have no place in the U.S.  However, I believe that hanging is a very appropriate punishment for treason. 

   I believe that both President George Bush(43) and President Barack Obama are unquestionably guilty of many counts of treason against the Constitution and the American People.  I believe that both Bush and Obama should be given fair trials for their many acts of treason against America and the American People.  The acts of treason are too numerous to mention in this one article, but just read the articles on this website and you can find numerous examples. 

   If Obama and Bush are given fair trials and justly  convicted of treason, then they should be hanged pubically. I believe that a public hanging of these two men would be beneficial for America and for race relations in our country.  In the past, Black Americans had not been treated fairly and justly and frequently had been deprived of their Constitutional rights and their human rights.  Today America has come a very long way and as an American, I take great pride in observing equal justice under the law.  Therefore, if found guilty, I suggest that both Bush(43) and Obama should be hanged on the same day, at the same time, and at the same location.  I suggest that the hanging be brodcast over TV and the internet.  Let there be no doubt that equal justice had been administered to a Black American and a White American who committed treason against the American People. 

   Please understand that I advocate no violent acts against either Bush or Obama.  After all we are all Americans and we must act in a civilized way and allow the law courts to judge guilt.  However, in the unlikely event that these two Nefarious individuals are judged “not guilty,”  I urge my fellow Americans to accept the Court’s verdict and seduously eschew rioting or creating other civil disruptions.  As Americans, we must accept the Court’s decision even when we know that the individuals involved are guilty.  

                             R. Van Conoley

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