Barack Obama Racist

   Mr. Obama you are a racist and you have played the race card to excuse your incompetence as president.  You are sending a message to all Americans that you are ready, willing, and able to start a de facto race war in the U.S. to promote your own Machiavellian political interests.  I am shocked, horrified, and disgusted by how you used the tragic Trayvon Martin incident to excuse and deflect blame from your own incompetence as a leader. 

   Mr. Obama, all sane and sensible Americans know that it takes a somewhat ruthless individual to ascend to the office of president.  Our presidents have spanned the range from ” Saint Jimmy Carter,” a decent but incompetent president, to Richard Nixon who was a wheeler-dealer.  John Kennedy and Bill Clinton both lacked basic decency and brought their tawdry sexual escapades into the White House. 

   You are in trouble Mr. Obama.  The following is a partial list of actions that will bring about your impeachment: 1) Benghazi, 2) the IRS scandal, and 3) the sale of weapons that ended up in the hands of a Mexican drug cartel.  Your foolish actions exacerbated each of these incidents. 

   Bill Clinton was impeached, but he was not convicted by the senate.  You also will be impeached.  Possibly you will also survive conviction by the senate since the American People view congress as a group of crooks combined into a worthless two party tyranny.  I suggest that you stop your race baiting, put some steel into your backbone, and start working for the American People.  As much as I detest you, and your group of Chicago thugs, I do not want my country torn apart by your conviction in the U.S. Senate. 

                                      R. Van Conoley

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