The Murder of Antonio West – A Thirteen Month Old Baby

   President Obama clearly played the race card to excuse his incompetence as president.  Obama used the tragic Trayvon Martin incident to deflect blame from his incompetent and failing administration. 

   While crime in the U.S. has been declining for more than a decade,  the news media clearly select which criminal acts to sensationalize in their biased coverage from both the left and the right wing media.  The Zimmerman Trial was the greatest criminal news event to be sensationalized  since the O.J. Simpson trial. 

   It is very interesting to note that very few Americans recognize the name of Antonio West.  Antonio West was a thirteen month old white baby who was murdered at point blank range by two black individuals.  The two black youths were attempting to rob the mother and when she could produce no money, the robbers murdered the baby and shot the mother.  The mother survived. 

   This murder case happened this year in Georgia,  and it made news for one day then disappeared.  The mother and the baby were white and made the mistake of being in a 73% non-white neighborhood.  This brutal murder was not ruled to be a hate crime. 

   President Obama did not take a single moment to acknowledge this tragic murder.  Possibly Attorney General Eric Holder might wish to investigate why this murder was not ruled to be a hate crime.  Then again, Holder is probably too busy helping Obama play the race card and possibly searching for new ways to sell weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartel.

                                            R. Van Conoley

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