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   Norman Erickson is the editor of the website,  In a recent comment, Mr. Erickson stated:  ” Lets say I’m a really nice guy and pay for my neighbor’s daughter’s insurance.” 

   It is not the policy of to render advice to DeBary residents;  however,  I believe that it would be a bad idea for Mr. Erickson to pay for a young lady’s insurance.  No indeed !  Mr. Erickson should remain the viper-tongued foe of Chris Carson and the DeBary Art League.  Let Mr. Erickson defend the use of “pen names” and “screen names” which allow cowards and sleazeballs to attack and slander decent individuals by permitting a writer to avoid responsibility for their words and ideas. 

   Any individual who is unwilling to accept responsibility for his statements should not be allowed to use any aspect of the public media, be it a newspaper, a website, a magazine, or even a book.  The Constitutional right of free speech does not excuse the use of slander nor permit the advocacy of Nefarious acts by the use of “pen names.” 

                                   R. Van Conoley

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