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Who Was Reading Sanityandsense in July, 2013

   Using, readers from the top ten countries in July/2013, were from: 1) U.S., 2) India, 3) Indonesia, 4) Australia, 5) Bangladesh, 6) Canada, 7) Germany, 8) Spain, 9) U.K., and 10) France.  The readers from Indonesia spent the most … Continue reading

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Remembering Little Boy and Fat Man

   It was 68 years ago today that the U.S. dropped the first atomic weapon against an enemy. suggests that interested individuals read an article published on this website titled: ” Those Who Do Not Remember History Are Doomed … Continue reading

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The Detroit Bankruptcy

   Detroit once was a city that was very wealthy.  Almost all of the adults had jobs that paid above average wages.  Today Detroit is bankrupt.     The governor of Michigan appointed Kevyn Orr as the emergency manager of Detroit’s … Continue reading

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