Teen Knockout Game Is Murder and Domestic Terrorism

   Groups of teenage thugs across the U.S. are randomly hitting innocent and defenseless individuals and posting their criminal acts on videos that can sometimes be viewed on the internet.  In New York these mindless attacks have frequently targeted Jewish citizens.  The thugs attempt to knockout their victim. 

   Apparently certain aspects of the U.S. news media are reluctant to publicize these brutal attacks because the attackers have always been black youths.    Sanityandsense.com has frequently criticized the U.S. juvenile justice system for being too soft on juvenile criminals. 

   Ralph Santiago, age 46, was attacked and his attack resulted in his death. 

   Sanityandsense.com believes that President Obama should immediately address the American Public and clearly state that he condemns  this mindless violence.  After President Obama condemns these mindless attacks, he should then state something like the following:  ” …As President it is my sworn responsibility to protect all of the American People from harm.  I have recently instructed the director of the FBI to create a small federal taskforce to assist state and local law enforcement with this growing from of domestic terrorism.  Additionally, federal charges may be brought against individuals who commit these crimes…”

                                 R. Van Conoley

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