Chris Carson – A Dimwit No More?

   On November 5, 2013, Chris Carson was re-elected to the DeBary City Council by an extremely narrow margin.  In my view, the only reason that the dimwitted Carson was re-elected was because his opponent did almost nothing to meet the supervoters.  ( Editor’s note: A supervoter is an individual who has voted in 90% or more of all elections over a specified period of time.  Candidates may obtain this information from the Supervisor of Elections. )

   I stated on this website that I thought that Carson was the most dimwitted politician I had ever met in my forty plus years of political activism.  Additionally, I stated that I believed that while in public office Carson promoted fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and generalized incompetency. 

   However, in the spirit of living in a small city, I would like to offer Carson some worthwhile advice.  Since Carson has spent all, or almost all, of his adult life as a municipal bureaucrat, he would be well advised to heed this sage advice. 

   Just because you are a 39 year old dimwit does not mean that you must remain a dimwit.  You, like other humans, have a cerebral cortex with over ten billion neurons and these neurons have multiple interconnections.  This means that you, Carson, can learn new things and you do not have to remain a dimwit all of your life.  In my view, the only reason that you even have a job in city government in Lake County is because you have the ability to work within the “good old boy” network of former municipal employees in the Central Florida region. 

   Unfortunately for you Carson, citizens are getting tired of corrupt politicians on the federal, state, county, and city levels. Possibly you noticed the 2008 depression that was caused by rampant corruption by both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks in the U.S. Congress. 

   Since you appear to have no desire to work in the private sector, I would like to suggest that you learn the basic fundamentals of accounting so that you might pass as a marginally acceptable municipal bureaucrat in the future.  In my view, the “good old boy” network of past municipal bureaucrats will no longer be able to hire their friends for  municipal government jobs.  The voting public is becomming more discerning and city managers will begin to hire more qualified individuals with an understanding of municipal finance and municipal accounting.  Managers who eschew qualified individuals in order to hire their friends will soon become unemployed city managers. 

   So learn some accounting and finance Mr. Carson.  Not only will you be able to pass yourself off as a moderately qualified municipal bureaucrat, I will no longer refer to you as a dimwit. 

   Possibly you plan to seek election to public office sometime in the future.  Should you seek election in the future, I want you to understand that I will be ready, willing, and able to oppose you in every legal way.  Let me assure you that in the future, I will not be ” Mr. Nice Guy ” anymore.  Also, I will not refer to you as a dimwit if you learn some basic skills of municipal government accounting and finance.  All I will have to discuss is your alleged non-profit corporation, your many votes to increase city taxes, and your total lack of common sense. 

   After all Carson, your mama, your uncle and aunt are getting “long in the tooth” and they will not always be around to pull your chestnuts ( or as you prefer your cojones) out of the fire. 

                                         R. Van Conoley

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