Editorial of 12/7/2013

   I am looking forward to reading part two of Mr. Erickson’s editorial published on 12/7/2013.  I am very interested in learning the identity of the individual who left a vile note on Mr. Dwyer’s truck.  I would also be interested in learning of the exact contents of the message.

   Also, Mr. Erickson mentioned in the 12/7/2013 editorial that I ( Van Conoley ) received a letter from Carson’s attorney in  what was a simplistic attempt to silence me from publishing anything about Chris Carson.  Possibly Mr. Erickson was not aware that my attorney responded to Mr. Carson’s attorney.  I believe that both Mr. Carson and his attorney are indeed fortunate that I did not pursue legal actions against both of them.  Indeed Mr. Carson’s attorney is most fortunate that I did not pursue an ethics complaint against him with the Florida Bar. 

   Mr. Carson’s letter did not accomplish the objective of intimidating me in any way.  Had I not received such a stupid letter, I would have remained totally silent about the two races in the past election in DeBary.  However, I decided to publish my opinion about Chris Carson and I published a number of articles about him.  In my view, Chris Carson is the most dimwitted politician that I have ever met in my forty plus years of political activism.  I believe that Chris Carson has promoted fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and generalized incompetency while he has served as an elected official. 

   Indeed, I do hope that the scurrulous note attached to Mr. Dwyer’s truck mentions my name.  I am not afraid to stand up for myself and I have the time and inclination to pursue any legal actions needed.  Also, if Mr. Culligan decides to pursue legal actions against an individual or individuals who may have deprived him of his Constitutional right of free speech, I would seriously consider having my attorney file a friend of the court brief in his behalf if warranted.  The DeBary Art League sits on land that is “supervised” by the City of DeBary.  It is rather complex, but should Mr. Culligan decide to take legal action, his attorney could name the city of DeBary, the DeBary Art League, and members of the DeBary Council in the legal filings.  While I would hope that Mr. Culligan and the other parties could resolve his situation without legal action, I would like to remind everyone that there are organizations like the ACLU that exist mainly for the purpose of defending free speech.

                                        R. Van Conoley  ( This website does not support nor oppose any editorials published on  Also, I am not fully informed of all of the facts surrounding Mr. Culligan.  As a strict supporter of the U.S. Constitution, I am always concerned whenever any individual is deprived of his/her Constitutional right of responsible free speech. ) 12/21/2013

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