CEO Compensation

   CEO compensation, relative to the pay of the average worker, has skyrocketed in the last three decades.  In 1965, the average CEO was paid 18.3 times more than the average worker.  By 2010, CEO’s were paid 200 times more than the average worker. 

   In 2012, the average CEO was paid a comfortable average of $ 9.7 Million.  In 2013, the average CEO earned 354 times the salary of the average worker. 

    Over 87% of the growth in the salaries of CEO’s occurred during the George W. Bush (43) administration and the Barack Obama administration.  Both the Bush (43) administration and the Obama administration used tax dollars to reward corporations that recklessly invested their money at the “Wall Street Casino.”  Almost 100% of responsible economists and financial analysts now believe that if the federal government had allowed corporations to go bankrupt our economy would be much sounder today.  Also many economists and analysts believe that more than 90% of the corporations that were given government money would have survived bankruptcy and reorganized into a much more sound corporation. 

   We can all thank Bush(43) and Obama for increasing the wealth of the top 1% of Americans.  Today the top 1% of Americans have more total wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans.  Congress should not be forgotten.  Congress has also contributed to our economic problems by “selling their souls” ( if they have any ) to the special interest groups and the lobbyists. advocates for fair ballot access for third party candidates by way of a Constitutional amendment.  The choice between a “democrat crook” and a “republican crook” is totally unacceptable in our  Constitutional Republic. 

                               R. Van Conoley

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