DeBary City Council Races – 2014

   DeBary City Council seats 3, 4, and 5 are open for election in 2014. 

SEAT 5- Former Councilman Jack Lenzen and former Councilman Danny Tillis have both stated that they are candidates for this seat.  This is the seat for Mayor.  Please remember that the Mayor has only one vote just like the other Council members.  Also, please remember that none of the Council members receive large salaries.  The Mayor receives a salary of $ 600.00/month and the Council members receive a salary of $ 400.00/month.  At least that is the way it used to be unless Chris Carson, the man who never met a tax that he did not like, snuck something by me when I was not looking. 

   Both Danny and Jack attended a political party that I gave in March.  I will not endorse any candidate in this race and I told this to both Danny and Jack.  Also, it seems likely that at least one more candidate may join this race.  Remember that Robert Garcia, a man who was never elected to a Council seat, sought the office of Mayor in 2008, and defeated the incumbent Mayor George Coleman. 

   When the qualification time ends, I will offer each candidate for Mayor an opportunity to state their positions on this website as a public service for DeBary residents.

SEAT 4 – Incumbent Lita Handy-Peters will seek re-election to this seat.  According to, Dawn Pizzo will also be a candidate for this seat. 

   People continually say things like: ” I guess that you will support Dawn Pizzo in this race since you campaigned for her in 2013 against Chris Carson. ” 

   To quote former President Richard Nixon; ” Let me make this perfectly clear. ” Presently, I am 100% neutral in this race.  I have no plans to campaign for either candidate at this time.  I did indeed support Ms. Pizzo in 2013 against Chris Carson.  I considered Chris Carson’s involvement with two other Council Members in an alleged non-profit corporation to be vile, reprehensible, and a slap in the face of law abiding DeBary residents.  That is the reason that I supported Ms. Pizzo in 2013 against Carson.  Also, Carson’s childlike attempts to legally frighten me into not reporting on his race brought me out in full force against him.  In my view, Carson remains a dimwit and a municipal bureaucrat who has never done an honest day’s work in his life. 

   Councilwoman Lita Handy-Peters was not, to the best of my knowledge and research, involved with any aspects of Carson’s alleged non profit corporation. 

   I plan to offer each qualified candidate in this race the opportunity to state their positions on this website as a public service for the citizens of DeBary.

SEAT 3 – Marshall Lee is an announced candidate for seat 3.  Mr. Lee has a large and well organized group of DeBary residents who support him and who have urged him to seek election in the past. 

   Rosedown Boulevard has a number of candidates and political activists with houses on this street.  I live on Rosedown and served on the City Council after being elected in 2008.  Two houses to the East of my house is former Mayor Carmen Rosamonda.  Marshall Lee lives on Rosedown to the West of my house.  Also, former candidate Neil Coppens was  a resident on Rosedown Blvd. 

   I noticed from reading ” Stormin’ Norman’s ” website that old ” Stormin’ Norman ” stated that Marshall Lee attended a political party given by Rudolph Conoley in March.  My hundreds of friends in DeBary call me Van.  So I am glad that old ” Stormin’ Norman ” called me by my legal first name of Rudolph on his website DeBarypop.  ” Stormin Norman ” forgot to mention that Jack Lenzen, Danny Tillis, Robert Garcia, Councilwoman Joyce Cusack, DeBary councilman Rick Dwyer, Rich Gailey, and the man that DeBary residents love or hate, but can not live without, the Honorable Danny Allen also  attended the political party.  We also had a number of distinguished DeBary residents in attendance.  Also, Erickson’s invitation did not get lost in the mail !

                                 R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note:  DeBary residents may be interested in reading two other articles published on this website.  They are: 1) ” Standing Up To Two Thugs and Cowards on the DeBary City Council, ” and 2)” Chris Carson – A Dimwit No More. ”  Just type the name Chris Carson into the search box at the top of this website and then click go.  The two articles will appear for your perusal. )

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