Clint Johnson For DeBary Mayor – 2014

   The following interview with Clint Johnson took place on July/17/2014. provides this information as a public service for all De
Bary residents. 

#1) Would you please state your background.   Ans.  ” I am 28 years old and I was born in Sanford, Florida.  I am married and I live with my wife, Alicia, in DeBary.  I attended  Stetson University.  My mother, father, and both sets of grandparents live here in DeBary.  I am a Relator and I have been very fortunate to have owned and operated several successful bussiness enterprises.  Presently, I am the owner and CEO of ‘ Screen Enforcement ‘ in DeBary and I have operated this business for six years. ”

#2) What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness that you bring to the office of Mayor?    Ans.  ” My greatest strength is my ability to communicate clearly and concisely with people in all areas.  My greatest weakness is that I tend to lack patience with individuals who attempt to take advantage of our city government. ”

#3) As of this date, how much money have you collected and how much money have you spent.   Ans.  ” I have collected about $ 7,000.00, and I have spent $ 6,000.00 ”

#4) What issue do you believe is the most important issue for DeBary and why is it important?    Ans.  ” I believe that growth in our city is the most important issue.  DeBary needs leadership that is not afraid to fight for smart growth that serves to accentuate and improve our unique atmosphere. ”

#5) Would you discuss the issue of gambling?   Ans.  ” This is an important issue worthy of serious consideration if it arises again. ”

#6) Would you discuss taxation?   Ans.  ” I have made a very serious effort to understand the financial aspects of SunRail.  Unfortunately, I have not received any straight and factual answers.  Clearly, SunRail will impact our city, but without facts it is difficult to evaluate how this project will modify our tax base.  I am opposed to higher taxes and will continue to seek an understanding of potential future burdens.”

#7) Would you discuss growth and development in DeBary?   Ans.  ” I was the only person on the ‘ planning and zoning ‘ board to vote against the variances requested by the Dollar General Store.  I will continue to insist on growth that will improve our city. ”

#8) Are there any sections of the city budget that you believe should be decreased?  Ans.  ” I would like to decrease the amount of funds that are budgeted for administrative bureaucracy. ”

#9) Are there any sections of the budget that you believe should be increased if you are elected?  Ans.  ” I would like to see more discretionary funds available for prompt and efficient servicing of the day to day needs of our residents. ”

#10) Please rate City Manager Parrott on a scale from one to ten with 1 as the lowest and ten as the highest.   Ans.  ” 8 ”

#11) Should DeBary have our own fire department?  Ans.  ” Presently I am satisfied with our fire services.  However, I believe that the Council should conduct a yearly review to determine the most cost efficient direction. ”

#12) Should all DeBary residents have county water?  Ans.  ” Those residents who do not presently have county water could petition the Council to bring county water to them.  I would support the petition if the concerned individuals were willing to assume the financial burdens required. ”

#13) If the U.S. has another serious economic recession/depression like 2008, what will you do to fund the revenue shortage?  Ans.  ” I would reduce services that are not essential for the safety of the residents of DeBary. ”

#14) Would you please make any additional comments that you believe need to be discussed?  Ans.  ” It is an honor to offer myself to the task of working with the residents for a better DeBary. ”

                         R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note:  Clint Johnson was elected Mayor of DeBary on August 26, 2014. )

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