A Wise Saying – Part 111

  An independent individual is an unbalanced individual.  The confidence and self-esteem which keep independent individuals on an even keel are extremely perishable and they must be generated anew each day.  An achievement today is but a challenge for tomorrow. 

   The soul of the autonomous individual has the aspects of a volcanic landscape.  There is a seismic line running through it.  This line is the line that separates the individual from himself.  All the enthusiasms, dreams, and aspirations have their origins along this line.  Independent individuals try to heal over the seismic line by a reconciliation with the self through achievement, or camouflage it by self-forgetting, or eliminate it by self-rejection. 

                            R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note:  I suspect that 98% of the people who read this aphorism will find it meaningless.  I believe that about 2% will understand it immediately.  Unfortunately, the 98% who find it meaningless are the individuals who most need to comprehend the aphorism and the wisdom it contains. )

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