John Bogle and David Stockman

   I enjoy studying and learning new things every day.  My fascination with mathematics and biochemistry has slowly been pushed to the side in recent years and replaced with studies in international economics and international finance.  With five university degrees, I surely do not need to acquire any additional university degrees nor do I see any value in studying one more ”professor written ” text book.

   As a retired person, I enjoy investing some savings in the stock market.  I found that the old Wall Street saying that it is ” better to be lucky than smart ” would often apply to me.  However, after the 2008 recession/depression, the stock market seemed to become a ”game” that became more difficult and complex.  I view the stock market as sort of a game and I enjoy winning much more than losing. In order to become a better investor, I have read hundreds of books about stocks, finance, economics, and investing over the past ten years.  Some were worthwile and some were less than worthless ! 

   I would like to recommend two recently published books that provide sound and factual information about finance, economics, and the stock market.  The first book is titled:  ” The Clash of Cultures – Investment vs. Speculation ” written by John Bogle.  John Bogle is the founder of the Vanguard Group of mutual funds where he served as chairman and CEO.  Time magazine named Mr. Bogle as one of the four investment giants of the twentieth Century.  His excellent book was published in 2012.

   The second book is titled: ” The Great Deformation ” and was written by David Stockman.  Mr. Stockman’s book was published in 2013.  Mr. Stockman was was elected as a Michigan congressman in 1976, and joined the Reagan White House in 1981.  He served Mr. Reagan as budget director and was a key architect of the Reagan Revolution.  He later worked at Salomon Brothers and then Blackstone Group. 

   While the smartest person in the world can not predict where IBM, or any other stock, will close on the next trading day, these two financial geniuses clearly explain how our economy and markets operate and how our markets have evolved.  Their arguements are so well reasoned that these two books reveal what the economic future will be with a very high probability of accuracy.  

                                  R. Van Conoley

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