Keep Those Letters Coming In

This website is ” presented ” by a company and I had someone help me set it up some years ago.  The website is very well read.  Unfortunately, this website has one major drawback.  It is extremely difficult for readers to send in ”Letters To The Editor. ”  The man you love, the man you hate, the man you can not live without, Mort Culligan, suggested to me that I set up an ” easy” e-mail address so people could send in comments.  Besides being a viper tongued foe of just about every tax, Mr. Culligan is an extremely intelligent man. 

Here is the address of a website where any reader may easily submit a ” Letter To The Editor” and give YOUR opinion.  Send e-mails to :  Please sign your real name and enclose a phone number and address for verification.  Neither your phone number nor your address will be published on the website. 

Individuals with opposing opinions are welcome.  Write in to support your candidate.  Please limit comments to one typed page. 

                        R. Van Conoley ( Editor of .  Letters sent to will be reprinted on the website )

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