Empress Wu Zetian and Hillary Clinton

The Tang Dynasty ( 618-906 AD ) was a time of relative freedom for women in China.  Women’s feet were not bound and some women found their way into politics.  Wu Zetian was a woman born into a noble family who was taught music, writing, and Chinese classical literature.

While avoiding the political infighting details, it is an historical fact that Wu ascended to the Dragon Throne and ruled China from 683-705 AD.  Empress Wu did not rule so much with an iron fist as a sensual body.  The Empress is often referred to as Empress Wu Hu.

Empress Wu passed a special law concerning oral sex. She felt that a woman pleasuring a man represented the concept of supremacy of males over females.  Therefore, she insisted that all visiting male dignitaries show their respect by pleasuring her orally when meeting !  The Empress would be nude under a robe.  The Empress would open her robe and her male guest would kneel before her and apply his lips and tongue to her Imperial pleasure palace between her legs.

George Santayana stated: ” Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ”  Americans remember that President Bill Clinton received fellatio from Monica Lewinsky.  President Clinton said:  ” I did not have sex with that woman. ”  However, it turned out that he did.  ( For more information, readers are encouraged to type  the name of Bill Clinton into the search box at the top of this website.  You probably will enjoy reading an article titled: ” President Bill Clinton’s Penis and Monica Lewinsky’s Vagina. ” The article was published on June 8, 2011. )

Americans must remember that President Bill Clinton is married to Hillary Clinton.  Also, Hillary is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President.  Is it possible that Hillary may hold views like Empress Wu ? If fellatio was acceptable for President Bill Clinton, doesn’t it seem likely that Hillary may decide that cunnilingus is just the thing to prove women equal to men ?

If President Hillary Clinton follows the dictates of Empress Wu, can you imagine how this may effect diplomats from foreign countries ?  Sanityandsense.com called French Ambassador Pierre Bourdien and requested his thoughts.  Mr. Bourdien stated:  ” Obviously the Government of France will be at a decided advantage over all other countries since most women know that French men have completely mastered the art of cunnilingus. ”

German Ambassador Wolfgang Schmidt stated:  ” With Angela Merkel as Chief of state, the men of Germany are ready to fulfill their duty to the Fatherland. ”

Syrian Ambassador Abdul al-Hassani stated:  ” The diplomats from our country will be greatly relieved to learn that our country has no desire to re-establish diplomatic relations with the U.S. ”

Jonathan Swift, Special Consultant to Sanityandsense.com

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