CNN and FOX – The Merchants of Sleaze. How To Flush The Electronic Toilet.

In the view of this website, a new low was reached when CNN and FOX each broadcast one republican debate.  Most viewers found both debates to be unfair, unjust, biased, sophomoric, deceptive, and without redeeming value.  Both CNN and FOX produced a total farce that was the intellectual equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show !

Our Constitution establishes a free press.  Unfortunately, our Constitution does not establish a fair, just, and responsible press.  We, the People, must encourage and work to establish a responsible, just, moral, and sensible free press.  To that noble end, this website suggests that the following questions be asked of BOTH the democrats and the republicans in future debates.


1) Since you filed for president, how much money has been collected by your campaign in contributions? (  For all candidates– Time allowed for answer = 10/seconds/candidate.

2) Since filing, how much money has been collected by your campaign from political action committees or PAC’s ? ( For all– Time allowed for answer = 10/seconds/candidate.

3) Has your campaign received PAC contributions from any of the following? If yes, please state the amount. A) Lockeed Martin, B) Boeing, C) Northrup Gruman, D) General Dynamics, E) Raytheon, F) United Technologies.  ( For all– Time allowed up to 2 minutes if needed/candidate. )

4) How much has your campaign spent so far?  ( For all– Time = 10 seconds/candidate.

5) In 2004, President George Bush (43) ordered the U.S. Military to transport 12 BILLION dollars to Iraq in shrink wrapped packages of 100 dollar bills.  The U.S. Government claims that this money was lost.  Do you find this answer acceptable, and what comments did you make in 2004-2005 about this incident? Also, why do you suppose that this incident was never thoroughly investigated by congress?  ( For all — Time – 2 minutes/candidate.)

6) With the U.S. National Debt approaching 18.4 TRILLION dollars, should the U.S. continue giving billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries in the form of foreign aid? Please answer with only a YES or a NO since the time allowed is 1 second for each candidate.  ( For all candidates. )

7) There are a number of states in the U.S. whose liabilities exceeds their assets in free revenue cash flow.  Since deficit financing is illegal in all city governments, and in all county governments, and in all state governments, what do you believe should be done regarding this issue? Also, please name the two states that you have found to be the worst offenders in this area.  ( For all candidates– Time= 2 minutes/candidate. )

8) Do you believe that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports accurate and truthful information to the American People?  Please take two minutes and explain your answer.  ( For all – Time= 2 minutes/candidate. )

9) The Federal Reserve System ( Fed) was created by the U.S. Congress in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  What, if any, modifications would you attempt to enact to modernize or modify the Fed if you are elected president? Please explain in detail.  ( For all — Time = 2 minutes/candidate. )

10) There are many federal laws that regulate our securities markets.  Give specific recommendations if you believe that as president you would recommend to congress the need to modify, change, or abolish any of our present securities laws.  (  For all — Time = 2 minutes/candidate. )

11) Do you believe that the Dodd-Frank Act should remain as is or should it be modified or abolished?  Please justify your answer with specific details.  ( For all –Time = 1 min. 30 sec/candidate. )

12) The U.S. Congress, with the assistance of President Bill Clinton, effectively abolished the Glass-Stegall Act.  Do you agree with this action and please state specifics as they relate to our FDIC ?  ( For all — Time = 2 minutes/candidate. )

13) Do you believe that any changes should be made to the U.S. Social Security System? Please justify your answer.  ( For all — Time = 2 minutes/candidate. )

14) Do you believe that federal judges should be appointed for life as the system now exists? Please answer with a YES or NO since the time allotted is one second for each candidate. ( For all — Time = 1 second/candidate. )

15) Do you believe that the present tax system is fair and just? ( For all — Time = 1 minute/candidate. )

16) The five countries in the world that appropriated the most on military spending in the past three years are: 1) U.S., 2) China, 3) Britain, 4) France, and 5) Russia.  If all of these five countries are  added together for a grand total, the U.S. spent 70.2% of this total.  China spent 12% of the total.  The remaining countries: Britain, France, and Russia spent about 6% each.  Should the U.S. increase or decrease defense spending and what areas should be increased or decreased?  Please be specific and relate the needs to this actual data analysis.   ( For all — Time = 2.5 minutes/candidate. )

17) What labor unions have contributed to your campaign either directly or through PAC’s ?  ( For all — Time = 1.5 minutes/candidate. )

18) State clearly how you intend to increase or reduce our 18.4 TRILLION dollar U.S. National debt.  Please give details. ( For all — Time = 2minutes/candidate. )

19 ) Would you recommend that congress modify the procedures of the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) in the approval process for new drugs?   ( For all– Time = 1 minute/candidate. )

20) During the first two republican debates, the candidates spent a great deal of time criticizing President Obama as relates to the Iran Nuclear deal.  Since Iran does not have a nuclear bomb and appears that they will not be able to develop one for some time, do you find it strange that not a single candidate mentioned that Israel had nuclear weapons? Additionally, Israel has never signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.  Since Israel is the only country in the middle East that can start a nuclear war, how should the U.S. respond at present to Israel’s nuclear power to insure peace?  ( For all — Time = 2 minutes/candidate. )

21) In June, 1967, THE USS LIBERTY, an NSA spy ship was bombed and torpedoed by the state of Israel.  Given the undisputable facts that Israel overflew the ship for five hours before the attack, is it your belief that the attack was an accident?  ( For all — Time = 2 minutes/candidate.

R. Van Conoley

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