The Trump Revolution – Part 1

It is true that many individuals who join a revolutionary movement are proselytized by the prospect of sudden and spectacular changes in the conditions of their lives.  All revolutionary movements are conspicuous instruments of change.

Donald Trump, candidate for the republican nomination for president, has become the leader of a mass movement.  The fact that both the French and Russian Revolutions turned into nationalist movements indicates that in modern times nationalism is the most durable source of mass enthusiasm.  Trump’s revolution is a nationalist movement that attracts Americans by its revolutionary fervor.  Remember that it was the rise of a genuine nationalist mass movement which enabled Kemal Ataturk to modernize Turkey almost overnight !

Americans have a difficult time when analyzing historic changes over a 2,000 year or a 3,000 year period.  Oriental historians are much better at understanding long time spans than most Occidental historians.  Yet both groups have great difficulty in defining the specific characteristics which define and propel a mass movement forward.

This is the first in a series of articles that will be published exclusively on this website which will explain and analyze ” The Trump Revolution .”   These articles are not designed to help or harm Donald Trump, but are published to inform our readers about revolutionary movements.

R. Van Conoley, Editor of

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