The Trump Revolution – Part 2

Revolutionary movements can rise and spread without a belief in a God, but all revolutionary movements must have a devil.  Often the power of the revolutionary movement is proportionate to the vividness and tangibility of its devil !

Men who know how to start a revolutionary movement must know how to select a worthy enemy.  Selecting a worthy enemy is more important than knowing what doctrine to embrace.

Common hatred unites the most heterogeneous individuals.  To share a common hatred, even with an enemy, is to infect the enemy with a feeling of kinship.

Trump very wisely selected the U.S. Congress as his devil.  The only groups more unpopular today than the members of congress are criminal groups and terrorist organizations.  When Trump states that he can ” fix things in Washington, D.C. , ” he is in fact stating that he can repair and control a corrupt congress.

In 1948, Harry Truman was elected president by running against ” the do nothing, good for nothing congress. ” Not only does Mr. Trump gain in supporters by using the congress as his devil, he is able to out smart his opponents.  Senator Rubio, Senator Cruz, Senator Paul, and Governor Kasich are now, or have recently been members of the U.S. Congress.  Indeed, Trump’s only serious opponent, Dr. Ben Carson,  has gained massive support by simply having never been a member of the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, Dr. Carson seems incapable of proselytizing the vast numbers of independent voters like Mr. Trump.

This is the second article about the ” Trump Revolution. ” These articles are not designed to help or harm Donald Trump, but are published to inform our readers about revolutionary movements.

R. Van Conoley, Editor of

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