One Crook Leaves and Another Crook Enters

It never ceases to amaze me that some Americans continue to believe that there is some  difference between the congressional republican crooks and the congressional democrat crooks. Recently the Republican Speaker of the U.S. House, ” Crying John ” Boehner, announced that he was resigning in the middle of his term.   His announcement was greeted with cheers by sane and sensible Americans.

The new Speaker is Paul Ryan the tough talking republican who has been a viper tongued foe of America’s growing National Debt.  When Ryan was the VP candidate with Mitt Romney in 2012, this crack team clearly stated that they would cut ” Big Bird’s ” salary by cutting back on funding to the public broadcasting system.  Unfortunately, this dynamic duo did not explain how they would reduce the U.S. National Debt.  Now with Ryan in the office of Speaker of the U.S. House for just over 50 days, Ryan decided that it would be a great idea if he and his fellow republicans increased the U.S. National Debt ceiling by 2.5 TRILLION dollars !

If there was ever any doubt in any sane individuals mind that republicans could be as irresponsible as the free spending democrat crooks, this answers the question.  The congressional crooks have acted to increase the National Debt by $ 2.5 TRILLION.  The legislation was supported by both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks.  Absolutely amazing !

R. Van Conoley


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