Appalling British Petition Against Donald Trump

I am an American born in the U.S.  My parents and grandparents were also born in the U.S.  I am an American of English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ancestry.

I am registered as an independent voter in the U.S. because I despise the two corrupt political parties in the U.S.  Unlike the rest of the industrialized democracies throughout the world, the U.S. does not have any serious third parties.  This makes it easier for the crooks to control both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks in the U.S. Obviously my hypocritical brethren in Britain do not seem to understand this.  Also, I was under the assumption that my brethren in Britain clearly understood the concept of free speech.  Obviously I was wrong.

I am writing today to express my embarrassment, disgust, and outrage over the British actions regarding  presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  It is absolute nonsense and beneath the integrity of the British Parliament to debate banning candidate Donald Trump from your Island.

Candidate Donald Trump is not a racist.  However, he has made some powerful political enemies by being totally independent from both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks.  Since Britain is an Island nation, your country has no national borders with other countries.  The U.S. has for decades allowed our federal laws to be violated by not enforcing our own immigration policy regarding our Southern Neighbor, Mexico.  Mr. Trump had the courage to state that he would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.  Both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks found this appalling since each party wanted illegal immigration to promote their own Machiavellian political purposes.  Unfortunately my British cousins did not listen to all of his statement.  Mr. Trump stated that he would build a wall, but he stated clearly that the wall would have doors that would allow citizens from Mexico to enter legally and protect our country from criminals and terrorists.

I have never heard Mr. Trump denigrate the Islamic religion nor have I ever heard Mr. Trump denigrate the Koran nor the Prophet Muhammad.  Mr. Trump has stated that he wishes to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. for a period of time until our authorities can ascertain that the applicants are not associated with terrorism.

I respectfully remind my British brethren that our great country has pulled your chestnuts out of the fire more than once.  I noted your Pecksniffian arrogance and hypocrisy when Israel stated that they would not allow a single Muslim immigrant to enter their country for any reason.  You remained silent when Israel stated their policy.  Yet the same policy, even on a temporary basis by the U.S., seems to outrage some of your citizens.

Should Mr. Trump be elected president, I would love to hear how the PM and the Chancellor of the Exchequer respond to him when he asks you why the U.S. should pull your chestnuts out of the fire during the upcoming world depression !  Mind your own business and stay out of our politics.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: For the sake of transparency and total honesty, I supported only one candidate in the 2016 Presidential election.  It was a high honor for me to mail a check to the Honorable Jim Webb.  Mr. Webb was a candidate in 2015 and 2016 and was a candidate for president in the democratic party.  The political crooks got rid of one honest man in the democratic party, Jim Webb.  Now the same crooks want to destroy Mr. Trump in the republican party because he does not bow down to the corrupt establishment. )

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