The Communist Pope and Donald Trump

Pope Francis suggested strongly on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, that Donald Trump ” is not Christian” because of Trump’s promises to deport illegal immigrants and build a security wall between Mexico and the U.S. I am a little surprised that Francis had time to insert himself into the U.S. presidential election.  I thought that Francis would be busy trying to remove the many sick, vile, and reprehensible pedophile priests who are far too large a part of the Roman Catholic Church.

I wonder what Francis, the Communist Pope,  did for the poor people of Mexico? It is great to have a Communist Pope since, Benedict, the predecessor of Francis looked so spiffy in his Nazi uniform as a young man.  Did the Communist Pope build any new shelters for the poor citizens of Mexico? Did he bring food to the hungry people in Mexico? Did he help find the many unemployed in Mexico some new high paying jobs? No of course he did nothing other than talk a good line that some people believed.  Of course Francis could have done some great things since the Catholic Church is the largest financial power on the face of the earth.  To give our readers some idea of the total net worth of the Catholic Church, first add the total assets of Exxon Mobil Corporation to all of the net assets of General Electric and then add the total net assets of Microsoft and then add the net assets of ATT and Boeing.  Now take this massive sum and multiply it by ten and you will have a close approximation of the net worth of the Catholic Church. ( Editor’s note: While the vast assets of the Catholic Church are massive, the above mathematical approximation leaves out many items owned by the Catholic Church like the paintings of Michelangelo and Raphael and its gold laden church property which are so valuable as to be considered priceless.)

With all of these vast financial resources, I wonder why the Catholic Church does not practice what it preaches and use some of their vast capital to help the poor? The Catholic Church has had pedophile priests who sexually molested young children in their organization for years.  What stuns me every time I think of it is the fact that high authorities in the Catholic Church hid from law enforcement information that would have helped stop these pedophile priests.  Now only did the Catholic Church hide information, the Church moved known pedophile priests around to other parishes and allowed the sexual molestation to continue.

The Catholic Church is such a cesspool of corruption that many law abiding Americans believe that federal RICO statutes should be legally enacted against the Catholic Church as an ongoing criminal enterprise.  The following articles can be found on this website that detail illegal and reprehensible actions of the Catholic Church.  They are: 1) ” The Vatican and Their Nazi Friends ” (3/24/11);   2) ” The Catholic Church: A Study of Wealth and Sin” (7/5/14);  3) ” Hang The Dirtballs In Public” ( 4/2/14);  4) ” A New Pope Speaks To The World” ( 3/14/13) ;  5) ” Pope Benedict XVI …” (3/1/13) ;   6) ” Abolish The Roman Catholic Church Using RICO ” (7/25/12);  7) ” Syracuse University …. ” ( 11/28/11 );   8) ” Calling on Law Abiding Americans” ( 11/20/11 ) ; 9) ” The Penn State …. ” (11/12/11) ; 10) ” Abuse of Children By Catholic Priests” (10/20/11) ; 11) ” The Inferno…” (5/28/11) ; and   12) ” Child Sexual Abuse and The Catholic Church ” ( 2/7/11).   To read any or all of these articles, simply type the search word ” Vatican ” into the search box at the top of the home page of this website and the articles will appear. Type the word Vatican alone without other marks or words.

Francis you owe the American People an apology for your unwanted and unneeded interference into the U.S. political process.  I find you and your ongoing criminal enterprise to be sleazy, reprehensible, and totally Unchristian. Like Donald Trump, I do not go around shouting how great a Christian I am.  I do however, know right from wrong. I leave you with the words of Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s chief exorcist, who stated: ” … Satanic infiltration included power struggles at the Vatican as well as Cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and Bishops who are linked to the Demon. ” Father Amorth also stated that sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church are proof that ” the Devil is at work in the Vatican.” I wonder how any true Christian could disagree with Father Amorth?

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: Donald Trump crushed his opponents in the South Carolina Primary election with a first place finish.  Trump finished ten percentage points ahead of Marco Rubio who was endorsed by the Governor of South Carolina.  Also, Trump received the most votes from citizens who labeled themselves as Christians and also scored in first place with voters who labeled themselves as Catholics. )

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