The Poisoning Of America and Our Children

Doctors are finding elevated levels of lead in the children and other residents of Flint, Michigan.  The local tap water is the cause.  When the city of Flint was unable to negotiate a financial agreement with Detroit, the city decided to buy water at a lower price from a different system.  The water contained high levels of lead.  Lead is highly toxic to biological systems.

Americans probably would never have heard about this serious problem except for the fact that 2016 is an election year for president, the U.S. House, and some members of the U.S. Senate.  Sadly, neither the democrat crooks nor the republican crooks seem interested in solving the problem nationwide on a long term basis.  Both groups of crooks just seem interested in blaming the other without real regard for the American People !

There are other toxic compounds that also find their way into our bodies.  Mercury is considered to be one of the most toxic substances on earth.  Mercury exists naturally across the earth’s crust.  Most human contact with this deadly toxin comes from man made sources such as dental amalgam, medications, and vaccinations.  Vaccinations are a major source of mercury exposure because there is a mercury containing preservative in many vaccinations known as thimerosal. ( Editor’s Note: Americans and the British spell this word differently, but the molecule is the same just in case you decide to read the British Journal of Biochemistry. )

Over twenty-two vaccinations are now recommended for children before the age of two.  Surely injecting children with this mercury preservative can not be safe.  American science must find a way to create a safer preservative without mercury.

Mercury has been shown to damage cells by interfering with protein synthesis.  Also mercury binds tightly to sulfhydral groups. Hundreds of enzymes in our bodies depend on these sulfhydral groups to keep us healthy.  These enzymes are used for: 1) Energy production, 2) DNA repair, 3) Cell membrane maintenance, and 4) Anti-Oxidant protection.

Amalgams are a mixture of various substances.  Dentists began to use mercury over 150 years ago and it continues today.  Dental amalgams are about 50% mercury with some silver, zinc, and copper mixed in.  All fillings that contain mercury release mercury into the human body and scientific studies have confirmed this.

With a fairly adequate understanding of biochemistry, I have known about the toxicity of both lead and mercury for years.  However, I have never had much fear of fluoride used as fluoridation in our public water systems.  After reading several scientific articles recently, I have changed my viewpoint by studying scientific facts.

Many “experts” claim that fluoridation of our water systems prevents dental cavities.  Scientific studies show that fluoridation is toxic to people !

Andrew Mellon was the founder of Alcoa Aluminum.  Also, Mellon was later appointed to become the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.  When Mellon was Secretary of the Treasury, the U.S. Public Health Service was totally under the control of the Treasury Secretary.  Also, one of the major waste products produced by the aluminum industry is fluoride ! Because of its intense toxicity fluoride disposal was difficult and very expensive.

In 1943, fluoridation was first proposed.  The American Medical Association (AMA) cautioned that fluoride was a potent poison.  With help from the aluminum industry, the U.S.Government accepted the totally false belief that fluoride would prevent tooth decay if placed in our water supply !!!!

Scientific research proves that fluoride: 1) Can actually damage both teeth and bones, 2) damages the DNA in our cells, 3) increases osteoporosis, 4) increases cancer, 5) causes severe neurological problems, and 6) causes infertility in men.

The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) is an agency of the U.S. Government that was created to protect Americans.  The FDA is also required to regulate the pharmaceutical industry so people will not be poisoned and killed by toxic drugs.  Today the FDA is nothing more than an enabler for an increasingly corrupt and poisonous pharmaceutical industry.

Congress can regulate, modify, modernize, and restructure the FDA.  Our congressional crooks have done absolutely nothing to protect Americans by modifying the workings of the FDA.  Our congressional crooks and recent presidents have done absolutely nothing to modify the FDA and protect Americans.  Most of our congressional crooks, and many of the present presidential candidates, gladly accept ” donations ” from the big pharmaceutical corporations.  I hope my readers will think about this serious problem.  However, with mercury, lead, fluoride, and many other toxins in your bodies, your Central Nervous System ( CNS ) may not allow you to think too much !!!!

R. Van Conoley


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