Questionnaire For All Candidates Seeking Election To The U.S. Senate and The U.S. House – District #6 In Florida 2016

The following questionnaire is for all candidates seeking election to the U.S. Senate in Florida and is also intended for all candidates seeking election to the U.S. House -District 6.  Neither the U.S. Senate seat nor the U.S. House Seat – District 6 has an incumbent seeking re-election.

Editor’s Note: The legislative crooks in the Florida Laughislature in Georgiahassee in 2010, redrew the boundaries for many congressional districts so unjustly that the courts ordered new boundaries redrawn.  Hence, Congressional District Six now includes voters in Southwestern Volusia County who have been in Congressional District 7 for many years.

The answers to this survey are due to this website on or before June 23, 2016.  All candidates must list a valid phone number for verification.  All returned surveys will be published on this website as soon as possible after June 23, 2016.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to inform the public so that citizens may cast informed votes.


1) Through June 1, 2016, how much money has been contributed to your campaign ?     2) Through June 1, 2016, how much money was contributed to your campaign by political action committees ?      3) List all the PAC’s who have contributed to your campaign.

4) Has your campaign received PAC money from any PAC’s associated with: a) Lockeed  Martin Corporation, b) Boeing, c)  Northrup Gruman, d) General Dynamics, e) Raytheon, f) L-3 Communications, and g) United Technologies.  If yes, please state the name and amount.

5) How much money has your campaign spent through June 1, 2016?

6) In 2004, under President George W. Bush, the U.S. Military was ordered to transport 12 BILLION dollars to Iraq in shrink wrapped packages of 100m dollar bills.  The U.S. Government claims that the money was lost.  Where do you believe that this money went ?

7) With the U.S. National Debt at about $ 19.3 TRILLION, should the U.S. continue to give billions of American tax dollars in the form of foreign aid to other countries ?

8) A growing number of state governments have liabilities that exceed their revenue in cash flow.  Deficit financing by city, county, and state governments is illegal.  What should congress do about this problem ?

9) During the past decade some city governments have filed for bankruptcy.  What should congress do about this issue and should any state be allowed to file for bankruptcy ?

10) Do you believe that the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) reports accurate and truthful information about our economic status and employment levels ?

11) What, if any, modifications should congress enact to modernize, modify, or restructure the Federal Reserve System ?

12) Give specific recommendations if you believe that congress should modify or change any of our federal laws that regulate our securities markets.

13) Give specific recommendations if you believe that congress should modify or change any of our federal banking laws.

14) What sections, if any, of Dodd Frank do you believed need modifications. ?

15) Glass-Stegall has been effectively abolished under President Bill Clinton with consent from congress.  Do you believe that this decision was and remains in the best interest of the American People ?

16) The cash flow of the U.S. Social Security system is now negative.  Is this an issue that congress should address? If yes, how ?

17) Do you believe that federal judges should be appointed for life ?  Please explain.

18) What changes, if any, do you believe should be made to the U.S. tax system ?

19) The Euro floats on open markets against other world currency.  Do you see any problems in this area that might impact U.S. markets ?

20) In the past decade the countries that have spent the most on their military are: 1) U.S. , 2) China, 3) Britain, 4) France, and 5) Russia.  If all the military spending from these five countries is added together for a grand total in U.S. dollars, then the U.S. spent about 70 % of the total.  Should the U.S. increase or decrease military spending and what specific areas should be decreased or increases ? Please explain in detail.

I am sure that my fellow Floridians would like to hear the specific answers to these questions so they can make an informed decision on August 30, 2016.  I thank the highly informed candidates in advance for their time in answering these questions for our voters.

Additionally, I hope that the republican candidate, Donald Trump, and candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will also answer these questions because many of these questions were omitted, probably by error, in the presidential debates.

R. Van Conoley  ( In the 2012 election, a little known and seriously underfunded candidate was the only candidate to return a similar questionnaire.  The little known and seriously underfunded candidate earned a massive number of votes against a very well known and highly funded congressman in the general election. People do indeed read this website and voters do indeed expect candidates to answer fair and reasonable questions.  The majority of the readers from 157 different countries are majority American.  Of the U.S. citizens who read this site, a large number are Floridians.  Of the Floridians who read this website almost 45% live in the Central Florida region.  Congressional District 6 is right in the middle of the most concentrated readership on this website. )




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