Hillary Clinton – Bill’s Partner In Crimes Against Women

I watched the Democratic National Convention.  One of the speakers at the Convention spoke about sexual slavery and human sexual trafficking.  I believe that all decent and all law abiding Americans would strongly condemn both sexual slavery and human sexual trafficking.

Hillary Clinton has made a political career of being a woman and continually uses her gender to imply that American women would be much better off if she were elected President.  Would they really ?

Hillary Clinton is married to former President Bill Clinton who is a known sex addict.  As an American, I believe that much of Bill Clinton’s womanizing was unwise.  Yet Americans, in my view, can only pass moral judgments about the Clinton Klan in relation to criminal actions.  Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs with both Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were consensual sex.  Maybe unwise, maybe unethical, but nothing illegal.  ( Editor’s Note: The Lewinsky affair only became criminal when Bill Clinton lied under oath about the affair. )

Since Bill Clinton is a sex addict, his activities did not stop with consensual sex.  Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of rape.  Kathleen Willey accused Bill Clinton of groping her without her consent.  Paula Jones accused Bill Clinton of sexually harassing her.  Also, many other women stated that Bill Clinton sexually harassed them, but refused to sign sworn statements and did not wish to make public statements.

So what did Hillary do about all of Bill’s sexual misconduct ?  Hillary Clinton aided and abetted her husband by helping assassinate and destroy the characters of these women  who appear to be victims.  While Hillary Clinton is against sexual trafficking of women, the same Hillary Clinton knowingly and willfully aided her sex addicted husband in his assaults on women !

How is it possible that such a vile, reprehensible, and disgusting woman like Hillary Clinton could receive the Democratic nomination for President of the U.S. ?  Certainly part of the answer lies in the fact that the ” Clinton Foundation ” accepted massive amounts of money from foreign countries while Hillary Clinton was U.S. Secretary of State ! Many of the countries that “donated” money to the Clinton Foundation prohibit women from having the basic human rights that U.S. women maintain ! ( Editor’s Note: It is strictly forbidden in our U.S. Law that foreign governments and foreign nationals are totally prohibited from donating money to candidates in U.S. elections. So, if the Clinton Foundation did nothing to assist Hillary Clinton, then no laws were violated. However, if the Clinton Foundation “washed” or “laundered” funds and redirected them to Hillary Clinton our laws have been seriously violated. )

Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice for the Democratic Party.  Hillary Clinton is certainly the wrong choice for American women.  Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for America.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: When the camera turned to  feature Bill Clinton, I thought: ” Here is the second President of the U.S. ever to be impeached by the U.S. Congress.” Yet not a single representative from the liberal electronic media made any statement about Bill Clinton’s impeachment ! Yet this same media will spend a great amount of time and effort to make Donald Trump look bad for the most minor statements.  The media bias is almost as disgusting as Hillary Clinton’s actions in aiding and abetting her husband’s illegal actions. )



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