Trump and Clinton: The Role of the Media

Due to the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, our government can not now regulate what newspapers print and what the electronic media reports.  However, there must be a level of fairness.  If the media becomes unfair, laws will be enacted to regulate the First Amendment just like laws have been enacted to regulate the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment allows law abiding individuals to own guns.  Yet year after year new laws are added to restrict the Second Amendment.  This could happen with the First Amendment and it could have serious ramifications for our Constitutional freedoms.

Any individual over the age of ten, with a few functioning neurons in their cerebral cortex, can clearly understand and observe that some TV stations/networks strongly slant their news to the left and act as cheerleaders for the democratic party.  Other TV stations/networks strongly slant their news to the right and act as cheerleaders for the republican party.

Sane and sensible individuals who read this website clearly understand that I have dealt with the issue of media bias in many articles over the past five years.  I used satire to poke fun at the growing media bias in the U.S.

While I would prefer to find a TV station/network that is just and balanced in their reporting, it is impossible.  Sane and sensible individuals know that the world is not always fair and injustice and unfairness are part of life.  The issue becomes: ” What should Americans do when the U.S. electronic media stops reporting the news and becomes nothing more than a propaganda outlet for and against certain political ideas ?”

On the many electronic channels that are delivered into my house that report news and political analysis, 90% are clearly biased in favor of the liberal/progressive philosophy that is represented by the democratic party.  Also, 10% are clearly biased in favor of the conservative/new populist philosophy that is represented by the republican party.  This ratio of 9 to 1 is clearly, in my view, not fair and is not the American Way.  This ratio is extremely biased for Ms. Clinton and extremely biased against Mr. Trump.

The terrible injustice gives pro Clinton propaganda 90% of the time and pro Trump propaganda 10% of the time.  The Honorable Clarence Thomas said it best.  When Anita Hill testified before congress, Judge Thomas stated that he became a victim of an “electronic lynching.”  In 2016, Donald Trump has clearly become the victim of an electronic lynching.  This is not the American Way, but if a modicum of fairness is not restored, legislation may be needed to regulate the First Amendment just like legislation has been added to modify the Second Amendment.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: The focus of this article was on the First Amendment.  However, since the Second Amendment  was mentioned to demonstrate a concept, I would like to briefly comment on the Second Amendment.  In the editor’s view, additional legislation is not needed that relates to the Second Amendment.  Our government simply needs to fairly enforce the laws that are now on the books relating to the Second Amendment. )

( Editor’s Note 2 : Will the extremely important Trump-Clinton debates be fair and unbiased? Who decides if third party candidates can participate? What level of popular voter support is needed to allow a third party candidate on stage in the debates? )


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