Communism and Bigotry: Clinton and Trump

Hillary Clinton, and her supporters, often call Donald Trump a racist because he was endorsed by a White Supremacist.  Mr. Trump has a long history of providing jobs for White, Black, Hispanic, and all other Americans.  Additionally Mr. Trump refused the endorsement.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton will refuse the endorsements of the many Communist college professors who support her?   Americans have a great deal more to fear from Ms. Clinton’s embrace of the Socialist/Communist ideology than a few bigoted white individuals that are not part of the Trump campaign.

Ms. Clinton has embraced the ideology of agitator and terrorist Saul Alinsky.  With independent voters flocking to Donald Trump in recent weeks, Ms. Clinton seems to need to deflect her numerous illegal activities that define  her by attempting to label Mr. Trump a bigot.

Donald Trump has gained votes and support in key swing states, like Florida, where Trump now leads Ms. Clinton.  As Mr. Trump carries his message to Black Citizens, it has become increasingly clear that Trump will carry a greater percentage of Black votes in 2016 than any republican candidate has in the past 50 years.  Several key swing states are moving toward Trump as the Trump campaign continues to speak before record crowds.

R. Van Conoley

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